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Is it only me who noticed a big nerf on spawns?

Does anyone else have noticed the same?

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I have not noticed.

Not really no. My spawns a pretty decent, in fact the large recreational green behind my house now seems to be classed as a park finally, thank god! And better still, one of the spawn points on the park is the very corner behind my house.

No dinos, but I don’t have drops either so doesn’t really matter I guess…

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Every week they take the spots further so I can’t reach them , I used to have 12 around my house then 10-8-6-4 and today only 1
If they think I will become VIP just to reach them , think twice, that’s not the right way to motivate players. The Spots you see in the pics used to be at least 10 meters closer.


Park spawns have been pretty much nerfed. The Suchomimus trash is all over it now. And I don’t mean today, but for the past week.

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Park spawns/scents are utter garbage. You can basically get anything from park scents now that it spawns local, globals and park there. Park by me is next to L3 and L2, so a scent could spawn probably 100 different dinos. Only way I got baja/bajatonodon was running rare scents at night there. Still flooded with tarbo, irritator2, nodo, utahraptor that you could get anywhere :unamused:

Epic spawns are trash now too. Every one I see is either Spino2 or Baryonyx the last several days.


I’ve noticed. Things don’t seem the same.

All I ever see are Velociraptors. I haven’t seen a T-Rex in ages… The only epics I tend to see are Monolopho and occasionally a Spino.

Same over here. It has come to a part where I have trouble firing the required amount of darts for the daily missions. I often have to request for garbage commons and rares in my alliance just to get the daily missions done, and all that even though I’m VIP and have a 200 meter radius.

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They increased the epic spawns to keep ppl or get ppl coming back…northern same again nothing good on map now…

I completely agree. It seems they have been all burnt :fire:

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They didn’t changed spawns. They just rotated drops distribution. Spawns disappeared with drops. Had three times in last two months only one drop in range and 2 spawns. Everything started with that never wanted map tracking change in 1.10. All problems with spawns, drops, map are result of that.

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I’ve noticed this too. My supply drops are back to 4 I can reach from my house, yay, but the spawn rate has dropped dramatically. I went from having no darts to having nothing to drop darts on.

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In my case at first everything was within my area, now it is at least 50 meters away, I believe that with the intention of becoming vip

All i see 24h over 24h im so tired of it
90% of my scents give me sucho why ludia doesnt rotate areas? , right now its a must

They keep spamming and guess what? Only 1 green supply drop ,how can i keep motivated to play this game Iff ludia doesnt change anything other than boost trash or add broken moves to the game?

I’ve noticed.

The worst part is the proximity spawns. Most good dinos only spawn when you get within a few meters. As this isn’t a walking game, it’s truly a driving game, they disappear too fast to catch.

I guess you could consider it a walking game if you normally walk and play 20 miles a day, or happen to live in an unusual location that has abundant spawns. It seems few have that opportunity.

I will reiterate: Most good dinos are proximity spawns now. It makes VIP worth even less. Glad I dropped it many months ago.

It would be cool if proximity spawns would remain there for a minimum of 5 seconds before they vanish if you move away. So even when driving you have a chance of catching one that popped up under you.
With all the lag and sluggishness on most phones while driving you are nearly never quick enough to tap it and tap launch before it’s gone.

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I actually thought the opposite and wondered if they had turned them up for winter like they did last year; hybrid chase is a complete farce though - swamped in Suchos

Spawns are still rng… and proximity spawns increase the amount of rng.

Ive had hot and cold periods since i started this game. Never really relates to anything Ludia has done.