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Is it possible for MC to become a merfolk?

So I matched with Nori and love their story. The character seems so pure and refreshing! But I kinda sense a very sad goodbye here.
Spoilers ahead!

First of all merfolk are immortal, can’t say the same about MC. Which means all they have is a few decades of occasional encounters?
And is that how it’s going to be? Nori passing by once a year and MC waiting for them patiently the rest of the year?
And I don’t want Nori turn into human, they’re just too sweet and pure for our harsh world. I just can’t imagine them going to work every day, living without their magic a short human life, staying away from their pod and being happy with this choice. Sooooo… Is there’s a chance for MC to become a merfolk instead?

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Don’t worry, they’ll probably be drawn to the vibrations from an offshore wind turbine and ‘drown’ in shallow waters :laughing:.

Sorry, little bit of topical banter, I couldn’t resist it.

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