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Is It possible for you to created another Rhamphorhynchus unlock event ? Because i don't have it unlocked!

I didn’t play for a while , and when i came back i didn’t have him in battle scenario 67 anymore , and i lost his unlock event , how would you do another unlock event for him ???

Hi there, welcome back.

There is no need to spam 4-5 messages about 1 unlock. We hear your cries the first time.

It’s unfortunate that you missed some time on JWTG, but we had a week of RARES unlock and Rhamphoryhnchus was included that week :sob:

Ludia cycles through these unlocks at a frequency known only to them. Rhamphorhynchus (and others) will cycle through the unlocks again, eventually. That could be next week; it could be a year from now

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Would It be possible for them to put this event on for players of all levels ??? Just like the one you did last month , which also had other rare dinos tô unlock for an entire week ?? Can this event appear again ?

They do it at whatever rate they want to.

I miss a bunch of common unlocks. They have them for 35+ one week.

I pasted level 35 and the following week, it was lev1-34 for the same commons.

You can wait for the next unlock or you can find other game events that might give you the dinos you need. PvP and PvP modded have lists of dinos you can win. The modded ones are like 2-8% chance.

You can also buy them for dino bucks. A rare may be around 500-1000DB each. No hatching required.

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There was an unlock for it a couple of weeks ago.

It’s gonna take a while until it cycles back.

You also could buy these not unlocked creatures with bucks, if you really want to have them.