Is it possible to find this dino at all?!

Ever since i saw this awsome-looking crocodile i wanted it sooooo badly! But i have NEVER seen one in the wild, and trust me: i have seen all epic creatures in the wild, except this one! And i was hoping i would get some DNA in my legendary battle incubator i won after a pvp, but i only got other epic DNA… wihich is wierd because it shows that the gryptosuchus should be a special dino for my current battle arena (lockdown) but i have only obtained 26 DNA in like 32 incubators… (yes, i have been stuck on lockdown for a while). Is it just super rare? Or am i missing something…?

Yeah I’ve seen it in my area a few times. I’ve opened it but after that I’ve not gone out my way to collect it’s dna I personally don’t rate it that much to spend the coin on it

So it is possible to find… okay i know what im going to do tomorrow! It’s corocodile hunting time!!!

Generally in a park near water, otherwise in a park area is all I have ever seen them in.

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That’s the wrong one…

Oh in that case take it back I’ve never seen that 1

Here’s what it can do (at level 18). I levelled mine up thinking it could be a good asset for my team - but it isn’t. Still, maybe it’ll have a hybrid one day so I dart it whenever I come across it.

Yes, it is possible in the wild. It is the most common Epic I find locally in L4. Not in parks but near parks. And not that I find a ton of them, but compared to other Epic, it is the most common for me.

Lives in parks especially ones with a lake. Got mine day 1 of new update

Always see it, how people say t rex is the most common epic is beyond me, I always see this thing, especially at the local gym just down the road from me

Yes twice near the reservoir

Sarcorixis scares me a lot more.

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Do they spawn near water? Yes or no

Do they spawn at night dawn or day?

I really want this dino!:joy:

I have seen them day and night. Always in a park, usually near water. That’s what I have seen - others may have seen them elsewhere.

This week event is damage increasing dinos… is there a chance to get gryptosuchus in an incubator…? It has got ferocius strike after all…

I imagine it’s possible, I just got some gorgosuchus from todays strike tower.

Lucky you!!

Especially since I’m still working on it. It’s one of my favorites - level 26 and climbing (the strike incubator gave me 100dna). Should hit 27 next week, and if I save my coins I might even be able to afford levelling it up!

The one time I saw one in the wild it was in the day at a park with baseball fields and a public pool. Pool closed down a year or 2 ago but that’s be cool if it was related to the spawn location.

Also, almost lvl 27 Gorgosuchus!!! That thing must be a beast. Gratz for getting it that far.

Found one by the water!! Yay!!:crocodile::crocodile::t_rex::t_rex::+1::grinning: