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Is it possible to gain 400k DNA within a month?

I was wondering if I could gain 400k in a month. I want this to put into more gorgosuchus, segnosuchus, metriaphodons and amormatas. I have averaged about 250k dna in month


Yes that is easily doable if you put in enough time and have enough time and creatures to farm the game for resources.


Definitely. If your lineup is fairly deep you can participate in a tournament consistently and it adds up quickly. Also whatever dinos the game gives you just hatch or trade them out for DNA. Eventually there’s somewhat of an algorithm that catches on and you’ll get more DNA trades like coin or food trades as well for DNA.


I think I average between 80k dna and 100k dna a week so it is definitely doable, as a vip even easier, make sure to complete all PvE grind some modded or ceno/aqua pvp and dedicate 3 of your CT per day for coin to creature trades. If I sold all the rare hybrids that I get for coin I would certainly be making more each week but usually I keep them to further my coin production.


What would be the best way to harvest and get loads of DNA

That’s what I’m want to do but all I get out of the TH is regular legendaries

That’s still about 4 to 5k dna extra per day if you sell these, most of the time I will get offered around 1,200 to 1,800 depending on what creature it is.

And keep your coin and food production high also, I get coin to dna trades and food to dna trades that help boost my dna up quite a fair bit.


400 k is easy if your doing about 15 pvp a day, all the daily challenges, code 19’s, and infinity battles.

I would suggest you keep useless legendarys in your market and don’t hatch them. They will fetch around 45% of their dna cost in the harbor but they can get lp or dino bucks too. Hatching and selling gets you 50%, so save the hatching time and wait for a trade or sell them in custom trades. I always trade dinos for lp. Not sure what you get trading dinos for dna. Lp gets you 10k packs which get you vip dinos and usually 500- 1000 dna.

Also try to max out your code 19’s. If coins are not an issue for you, I suggest you put away all the common and most of the raere dinos into repository. If a Dino Is not going to get me 250 dna, I don’t have them on my island.

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