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Is It Possible To Give account To Another Player

I have made a decision to no longer play Warriors of Waterdeep it would be a shame to have my account remain in limbo I would feel better handing over my account to someone interested in playing Warriors of Waterdeep if it is possible to giving my account to a dedicated player, my care factor for Warriors of Waterdeep is below -0.

@Ned is it possible to hand over account?.

@marek what was the point in editing my post?

It was moved into the right category

Is it possible to give my account to someone else?

Unfortunately I’m not able to answer that question. I’d like to ask you to be patient and wait for Neds reply.

@Marek ok I be patient

The terms of service ( bars transfer of virtual items:

We do not recognize the transfer of virtual items (including for “real” money or any other consideration or items of value whether inside our outside of the Service). Accordingly, you may not purchase, sell, barter, or trade any virtual items, or offer to purchase, sell, or trade any virtual items. Any such attempted transfer will be null and void.

I don’t that transferring your account is something Ludia will facilitate.

I am not bartering or selling my account I rather give my account to someone else that wants to keep playing warriors of waterdeep, handing over my account for free can be possible if ludia allows that exchange.

The game itself is a virtual item. So you can’t transfer it.

Alrighty, Thanks man