Is it possible to learn this power?

Seems legit. When I was level 13 I just unlocked my first legendary while this man already has 2 uniques and a full team of legendaries

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Money money money…


But seriously, this was my lvl 13 completely F2P team

I also had many legendaries back there. Now there are just many more ways of obtaining DNA like Sanctuaries, Donations or Alliance missions. Nothing special about that guy

All but one of those creatures were dartable at some point. It’s kinda obvious what this player has done :roll_eyes:.


But 2 uniques? Sure we might have gotten a lot of attempts at Indoraptor, but how does that explain the level 22 Dilorach? Surely there’s no (legitimate) way for one to dart enough Dilorach dna last Thanksgiving to level it up to level 22.

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That was what I was thinking. How on earth could a level 13 already have a full team of legendaries and 2 uniques?

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I’m playing my second account, and being very focused on what I level.

Granted it’s at 11 currently, but nowhere near that. My 2nd account isn’t even F2P.

That’s a questionable account. Basically unlimited attempts at events would be my guess…

Ludia: “We’ve looked into the exploit, it’s near impossible to replicate and only could affect .000001% of the player base, so we are taking no actions to prevent this.”


I don’t think it’s that crazy. I recently started a second account, and it’s blowing my mind how much faster I’m unlocking things on that one than I did on my old one. Back when I was initially leveling up, we didn’t have sanctuaries, alliance donations, so many strike towers, and especially the campaign – the campaign gives a ton of DNA.

My little account just hit level 13 and it isn’t as good as that person’s, but I mostly play it at home, darting stuff I can reach and getting the DNA for other stuff from my alliance/sanctuaries. I’ve got a level 22 indo, 19 indom g2, soon-to-be-19 alloraptor, and a bunch of overleved epics. I also came very close to unlocking thor in the St. Pat’s event (could have done it if I’d restarted some attempts). If someone is actually going out and putting more effort into it – i.e. if this is their main account and not just a “for fun” side account like mine – I could see them getting that team legit.

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That’s a interesting POV. However, I think this player exploited the unlimited attempt glitch since almost all of the creatures on his team were available for darting. However, I can’t rule out the possibility you mentioned as well. But if we are following your possibility, I would find that Dilorach pretty odd since it took me at level 16 to get my second unique.


I got my first legendary minutes after I leveled up to level 11.

Well then I guess I’m just noob :cry:

I question the amount of Ourano needed.
Maybe lives in L4, but would be very lucky.


I got legendaries at 9 but no where near leveling a dilora to 22 by 13.

Im level 19 but i only have 2 uniques. lol

I got indoraptor at lvl 15 so I guess it’s legit

Indo at level 14 I’m pretty sure

All of you are just focusing on one unique, but this person literally have 2 at level 13(both are not at base level), how is that legit? It took me at level 15/16 to get my second unique(Erlidom)

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Not from a Jedi

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Indoraptor has been featured in many events. I gained 3 levels on mine jsut from those. It is also relatively easy to make with indom also being featured in events and the ingredients being global and also featured a lot. Dilorach as far as I know hasnt been featured much in events, but depending on the local the player lives/ works in it is possible to find the needed ingredients. Can even request stuff from the alliance or use sancs if needed.
We also dont know how much this player plays and when.
Without more information, all we can do is speculate.

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Simple. It’s way easier to unlock good uniques and legendaries. It takes about as much time to get Indom now as it did to get an epic dino period way back in the day.

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