Is it possible to report players for Emoji Spamming?

Here’s something that has been bugging me;
is there a way to report people for abuse of the emoji feature?

I played a game yesterday where the opponent was constantly hitting the ‘Thanks’ and ‘Nice’ 'buttons. There was literally one being sent with every move made.

From what I understand, people do this in an attempt to frustrate / distract their opponents, which is really bad form and should be punishable IMO (no idea how this could be enforced, but if Ludia have some kind of means of checking how many emojis a player uses per match, they could implement a ‘fair use’ practice).

I know what you’re thinking; “Just turn emojis off”.
I’d rather not deactivate a feature because of a few spammy players, as I like to use it to congratulate players who defeat me with good tactics or send them a ‘Nice’ message when they roll out an unusual dino build.

If anyone’s wondering, I did manage to beat the spammer I’m talking about - such a relief! :grin:

What I do is turn the feature off till the match is over.
You can report anyone, but there is no guideline as to how many emojis constitutes abuse.
Don’t see anything happening.
People win and lose battles all day everyday, but grats on your win. LOL


Ludia added those emoticons for the purpose of taunting, so no, it’s not a punishable offense. As annoying as it is when people spam the yawn.


Played others games with taunts before. So, when they introduced this feature, I knew better, and I disabled it right away. Not even sure what the taunts look like :slight_smile:


At first I thought it was fun to tease people with these, but eventually I realized it was a disturbing element and that I was focusing better without them

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Are you kidding, lol?

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You get distracted?

It must really suck when they distract you and your Dino…doubly distracted!

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Report? Haha wow. It’s like calling the police because you see someone spit on the street.
Come on, just switch it off. End of story.


I keep spamming yawn emoji to everyone who have boosted like crazy and mine are just baby boosted.

I do that for my satisfaction as i believe i am saying shame shame to them. You know everyone have a kid inside them:)


I sometimes send emotes to trick people, and then I send the yawn emoji when I miss my stun, or get their counters, or to express how tired I am of them. cause, 43/54 of my stuns I have tried to stun in this tourney have missed, and it’s not gonna look good for me and it’s gonna look good for everyone else. Mostly in tourneys are when I send emotes. In pvp I don’t even bother sending the yawn emote. I usually send the angry emote

I get yawns from people who not only have levels 28-30 (my highest is a lvl 28 Kaprosuchus, everything else was 25 and under) and they’ve boosted to the sky. Felt quite satisfying beating a nitro thor of someone who kept yawning thinking a 149 speed Thor will kill off everything.


I turned them off. Got fed up of getting yawns for not playing OP hybrids. I used to enjoy saying well played at the end of a match but that spoilt the enjoyment, so off it goes.

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