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Is it possible to rescue this game?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been very vocal about my concerns for the future of this game. I’ve said my piece about how I think boosts, overpowered dinos like the rat and Thor, and the debacle that matchmaking has become will be the destruction of the game.

So this time I’m reaching out, and asking if you guys think anything can get the game back to where it was before boosts came along. Is it possible to get players back? Will things ever get back to when we could play in the arena and enjoy it?

I think if 1.9 allows for an unboosted arena then that would make a big difference. Simply choose your team and only the level of the dinos will matter as there won’t be any boosts applied. That should be possible I guess, and that may encourage more people to battle regularly.

The addition of some truly decent dinos would be good too. Since the rat, nothing has been apex standard, and that should be properly nerfed too. Even my son at level 13 is hating the rat almost as much as I do!

And if alliance leaders could monitor activity of members that might lead to more fun for alliances in general. As would the laggy chat, and problems with laggy battles and speed tie issues.
More active players would generate more money for Ludia, so they could address the server issues. And more players could reach the top tier so the best payers would get more match ups.

Any other ideas out there?


If I had a none boosted arena, I would start to battle on my main account again as I have a bunch of dinos I could move up to team level now. With DC’s grown in level and so over boosted, I just don’t bother to level or boost anything, and especially do any battling. I battled once last month and once this month to get my trophy’s to show.

The exploration side of the game is a nice getaway from real life but a single battle is like my whole day’s work stress in one jolt.


Reset everybody to 0. It starts over as it was intended, without boosts.

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Good question. Not having experience with many different games, I have no ideas for a solution.

Some things I do not see changing:

Boosts are here to stay. More than likely in their current form. I do not think they could ‘nerf’ them in any fashion that would help.

Two arenas (boosted/non-boosted) are not possible. There is not enough of a player base anymore to support it. We have seen the rankings of a few players at different trophy levels.


Let’s see just how long that lasts…


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Just keep hitting max bet and the machine will eventually sing! Its pay to win now all the way. I saw 3 park spawns in over an hour. The only spawns are event and iguanadons. Pay for Quetz, Tenonto or whatever else one needs by buying scents. My reserve is extreme, but getting closer to meeting it by the day.


If you listen to it, it all really makes sense. As I been saying too. I really think the rat is designed to get everyone to protect there hard earned dinos by buying boosts, the plan has been set for awhile. The really easy dinosaur to get, kills them and it’s so easy to get everyone has it.

You need boosts to protect yours from it. And it’s working too because everyone is following and using it. And to help there plan everyone is boosting it. So it’s a double sale the protection from rat and the rat itself.


That video is spot-on! Even the DNA fusing is a gamble! I’m not a gambler and I don’t like the idea of throwing good money after bad, so I went strictly F2P many months ago after making the mistake of spending over $600 over a period of months on level-up offers and those incubators that came with a bunch of coins and cash. Better to just be patient and max out supply drops, daily missions, and alliance donations instead. I don’t do TapNOjoy!


You know Boost for sure ruined the pvp experience. You know what else did? The alliance rewards not changing for however long that was which gave us sooooo much sino dna which led to the insanely boosted high level Thor. Also the triceratops dna didn’t help the situation with dracoceratops either. So it’s Lydia’s fault for 1) adding boost and 2) not changing alliance rewards for months.


I should be feeling a bit happy on here today with my forum cake day, but nope. I was playing the game over a month before I joined it. Which back then, were really fun times.

But after going to the arena and just dying by boosted dracoceratops only. The joy of this game is just flickering for me. Only time I lose is when there is a ridiculous DC in the match and it’s always on the “you lose” screen. And I refuse to use it, its a garbage spineless tactic imo.

Like someone from the crowd throwing a sucker punch on one of the two people fighting. And then celebrating a win. Anyway, not happy. And top it off they don’t care, there answer is to use and boost the rat too (to join the tactic). Which remember I’ll never do.


I’m right there with you! I leveled this piece of crap solely for the Lord Lythronax strike, and I continue to level it just in case there’s ever another strike so difficult that regular boosted dinos can’t complete it. It will continue to stay off my team until then though, and if such a strike ever happens I’ll be sure to remember to remove this scourge before battling in the arena.


Just split the arena already, Ludia!


At least let the takedowns count towards the dbi’s in mini tourneys where battling is actual fun.

Like this?


Yes, that, but Ludia either are too lazy or blind or hopefully working on it (and on separate battle teams option)…

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They won’t add that, let’s be real here. It’s a way around there wanted revenue of boosts. I know boosts add to the issue a lot. But the DC is the most flawed dino in the game and imho it’s no mistake or bug. Okay if it gets a real nerf by 1.9 then maybe they will change it. But right now, it is the face of the game and boost sales.

I kill me plenty Thors and while I can say overboosted Thors are a problem. They’re not as bad as boosted DC. You combine a rat with overboosted Thor. Well then Thor is a huge flaw as well. But Thor alone… nothing a rinex can’t deal or Magna can’t damage badly. Heck even Tryko can bang Thor up.

Thor has counters for sure. Thor problems stem from over boosting and combining it with a rat. And guess why all Thors get overboosted?.. Because it can one shot crit the rat.


JWA is in a state of emergency. Things are not looking good. I have no idea what Ludia’s plan is at this point besides just pushing boosts. I would be shocked if they introduced an unboosted arena. You never know though. Maybe they’re pushing boosts hard right now to milk it before they let us fight unboosted again so we will have already spent the money. Honestly, i can’t think of where this game can go now except to let us level our dinos higher. I have a feeling that will happen eventually. Especially since a lot of people say its pointless to level up. Ludia will counter that attitude by letting us go to level 35. I just keep playing and hoping for something to happen. I don’t know what exactly I’m waiting for, but i am waiting. Obviously we want bugs fixed but i stopped waiting for that months ago since there are still bugs in the game that have been here for more than a year.


I wouldn’t be surprised on the leveling up to 35 or so when going from 1.9 to 2.0 (hopefully not 1.10).

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Opposite for me. Thor is the problem. It’s always faster and always stuns and crits. It takes my whole team out. 1st move crit 1 shot. 2nd move instant charge stun. 3rd move impact to finish off. 4th rampage crit. My team is dead and I had no moves.

Dracoceratops is easy to counter. Erlidomimus and utasinoraptor can 1 shot it. Tenontorex gets it before it leaves and Trykosaurus can be alright. Depends on if they stun.

But with Thor it still does mad damage even when it’s distracted. It’s ridiculous.