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Is it possible to rescue this game?

good for you… you love a rat cheapshot creature.

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Means you either suck at darting TRex or have been asleep the whole of June. Ludia practically poured TRex DNA for us to dart.

If you are saying less likely due to options aka IndoR isnt worth spending TRex DNA on, then i agree. My IndoR was lvl 29 when I stopped lvling it in favour of Tryko (lvl 23) and Erlid (0/250 or lvl unmade). Now both are close to lvl 30. Same time my Draco went from lvl 17 to lvl 30 with a huge spending of scents and being in the correct local.

Also Draco needs 12k DNA. IndoR need 3750 DNA. To be level 30. About 3 times plus difference.

IndoR is my first unique. Made in a time when VRaptor was quite rare. It was worth making then and was lvl 29 along with my SteGod when 1.5 dropped. So about 5 to 6 months to go from zero to lvl 29. No knowledge of hunting, no skill in hunting to being able to hit 300s on most commons.

To me, IndoR is easy to get and lvl but got less worth doing so.

The easiest legendary i think would be SteGod then the 2 Sino hybrids. Draco is 4th.

This is based on someone playing since Feb and not starting today. Now with scenting and proximity to Local 2 and 3, Draco might be easier. Even then you need to have a job that allows you to play for hours in the day.

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Its a crap unique. Its damage is what 2k base. How many uniques and legendaries at tier 7 have more than that.

How many people have put in the effort to actually grind a DracoRat to lvl 30 would say its too easy to get.

Its annoying because you cannot accept that someone has it and you dun. I feel the same way when some clown bring out a lvl 30 ErlikoS or Quetzerion. 1 shot kills, dodges, etc… Then I get over it and work on making my own or just find a solution to the problem.

Did you just assume my nationality? I am triggered you nationalist! Shame on you!

But seriously, my point is you wun go in arrears if you wanna maintain the top 100 position. At a point, it gets pointless to buy HC and buy anything since its useless. Boosts maybe but that is what 10 USD a.week? Give it 100 USD a month. That plus scents and the occasion sped up incubator is enough to maintain top 250.

I forgot the conversion for NTD to SGD but its unlikely anyone spends 3k USD a month staying top 100 without just admitting they suck at the game or have so much useless DNA they stop buying HC.

Good weeks hardly come. When they do, half the contents is fodder, the 1 creature you want is probably not worth buying the whole incubator for. Rather HC for scents and boosts. Even boosts get useless when you see how much you need to get a minor advantage.

If I spent 5 hours daily in area 2 actually hunting the rat. Pretty sure I would pull close to about 7k rat dna a day. Wow really hard.

I drive 5 minutes from my home in area 3 to my work area 2, see about 6-7 tri gen 2 and about 5 dcg2.

Let’s pretend I dart 300 on dcg2 and not 400. 1500 dna in about 10 minutes. Then I can pop 5 minute common scent which we receive 2 for free daily and possibly have 1,800 dcg2 dna in 15 minutes. Then head back to my home and pick up about 4 more tri g 2


To say rex dna is easier then dcg2 or tri g2… Sounds like you’re really stretching to protect your rat investment there.


You are aware you need way less epic DNA than common to level a hybrid to 30, right?

I have 2 rex hybrids maxed and more than enough DNA to max a 3rd. I have DC maxed but not enough DG2 DNA to max DG2 or another hypothetical hybrid that uses it as a component. That’s given I requested a lot of DG2 back in the day.

You win the internetz today!

Conga Ratz!

About 500€ and 10€/month since October, haven’t gone to bars much since this game :upside_down_face:


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You are aware that commons are everywhere and it’s easy to stack there dna compared to epics?

For some reason it’s even easier with the rats components. I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose too. So we can all have boosted rats. Increasing the need of boosts. And even crit and armor boosts.


My “rat” is actually the weakest member of my team (measured by hit points) by a large margin, and is a very specific weapon for very specific circumstances. I find it interesting that so many players hate the thing but keep coming at me with stuff like a T-Rex with a speed rating above 140, creatures that become invincible when swapping in, creatures that stun when swapping in, creatures that can stun 2-3 times in a row during a match, creatures that can drop my attacks to zero, creatures that… Well, you get the idea. The Rat’s a lot less powerful than it used to be but is no more “wrong” than any of the other swap-in and/or boost-based annoyances. It’s all in how you deal with it, that’s all. :slight_smile:

The only real swap in annoyance is DC and DCG2. Anything else is pretty good. Swap in shouldn’t do damage. It should be tactical to help you setup for a possible win. Not swap in and kill a hard earned dino with one shot.

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I’ve always felt the same way.

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Well, I suck at darting. It must be a coordination problem, as I’ve been playing since launch and I get nowhere near 300 on a rat, let alone 400. I very rarely get 300 on Stegosaurus, and maybe 300 once in a while on Velociraptor.

Needless to say, the rat on my main team is still level 28, and on my second account it’s 19. They’re not on my team and won’t be unless we get an insanely difficult strike tower like the Lord Lythronax one that I leveled the rat for in the first place, but at least on my second account I only need to get the rat to 20. On that account I’m not leveling anything over 20.

(watches rat investment arguments)


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I would say I’m pretty good at darting not to honk my horn lol! I am a long time player of first person shooter games xD Going back to 1993 Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Turok, and other classic shooters that are heavily dependent on aiming and coordination and even lag.

I can honestly say it helps me in this game lol. But I am newer to mobile games aside from this game. It’s the only one I’ve ever really got into. So I’m sure there is even better darters than me.

Anyways, the dude is tripping. He only mentions the rex dna. Which is not that easy, sure there’s times when its poured on us. But that’s because there is 4 dinos that need it.

He also fails to mention the amount of raptor dna too. And sure raptor dna is pretty easy, IF you can hunt at night. But the 500 needed for an indom fuse+2000 needed for an indo fuse is way more than 500 dcg2 and trike g2 combined for one little easy fuse. And you could get a 10 on indom, remember you need 50 of indom to even use 2000 raptor dna on an indo fuse…


As evidence shows, it is not.

What evidence?

The fact that you see the rats common components in groups at once daily guaranteed?

Or the fact that the common scents we get daily from spinners almost guarantee both of the rats components.

The fact that you only need 500 common to do a fuse.

Or the fact that the Rat is not as old as something like indo, yet there’s more higher leveled rats going around even in lower arenas?

I get it for commons like tarbo, dieno, or raptor where you need a ton usually 2k+ for one fuse. Well raptor is about 3.5k for one indo fuse, considering 20 avg on indom. But you just need 500 dna which you can get with two darting sessions. I don’t see that as hard.

I have 100k trike g2 dna 90k dcg2 dna and I haven’t darted either of those in 2-3 months now. And my benched rat is lvl 23 which I did in a month. But I’de rather delete it out of my list then level it.


Lets not forget one can buy up to 25 attempts at the rat components for 50 hc… sure the likelyhood of you getting all 25 attempts to be dg2 is extremely unlikely. But show me another tyrant class dino that can be darted anywhere like that. You cant.

Thats the issue i dont see multiple teams a day with dracocera 2 lvl above team avg because its harder to obtain then all their lower leveled uniques.

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