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Is it possible to unlock Tournament Creatures?

Hey! I am an old player of the game who his game got reseted three times. This week, it was the metriaphodon tournament and I didn’t managed to unlocked it… I am a bit pissed of this and I was wondering if it is possible to unlock tournament creatures like metriaphodon, Mosasaurus, etc after the tournament? Like is there events that make it possible to unlock?

I think tournament creatures can only be unlocked in a tournament.
Metriaphodon is a hybrid, he can be unlocked if you merge the two necessary dinos.


Each month there is an event called Clash of Titans that unlocks one tournament level creature. I believe the current one is Gorgosaurus. Before you can unlock the creature, you must unlock the event by completing 28 PVEs (I think it’s 28). You have more or less a month to complete it. It ends August 30


It also says I need level 45, the thing is i’m only level 23!!! God I hate when my game reset for no reason… I hope i’ll manage to have enough levels to do it

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Also if I understand well, if I don’t do the Clash of Titans thing, I lose Gorgosaurus forever and I won’t be able to unlock it?..

No, it will come back some time, either in another Clash of Titans or another tournament.