Is it really a teaser for 1.13?

For those who didn’t know, it’s a new type of event who we’ll find on the map like the strikes

Ludia already realesed a post about that and call them “trials” apparently it looks like the campaign mode

I don’t know if it’s really a teaser for the next update it’s possible and it looks interesting depending on the rewards and the difficulty level

And what do you think about this ?

  • I’m excited
  • It looks good
  • It’s ok
  • I have a bad feeling about this
  • Where is the Prorat’s nerf ?

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It has to be, otherwise why would they tease it? It has to be for 1.13. Really excited for 1.13 cough cough nerfing IG2, Procerathomimus, Entelomoth, and Marsupial lion cough cough.

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Probably. But after the last update, I’m not going to get excited until I see the patch notes.


I really hope the update will be in 3 weeks or 1 month!

But either way, I’m looking forward to the next update (as always).

Why can’t I select two options? I’m excited and I want a Prorat nerf!!!


Please stop whinging about procera :roll_eyes: it will be nerfed then you will scream nerf at the next creature which you can’t handle… :joy:


It’s like you read my entire lifes intentions O_O

Yes and thank you. :grin:

Creatures aren’t nerfed simply because they’re unbeatable. No one’s saying Procera is unbeatable. It’s just overpowered for what it is, i.e. it has too much power for what it is.


I can’t handle many OP creatures, not only Prorat. I mentioned him because he’s an option in the survey

This game needs more things to do on the map, nice to see them add something. More of this, please.


To be honest? I’m freaking excited. But then i remember the past and think to myself: “the last few patches had major flaws, this one will let me down too”.

I tuned down my exitment to getting a small number of new dinos ( no fluffy stuff) and a few balance changes.

New features are nice and welcome, but i dont trust ludia anymore. We will see.


Poll needs another option: They’re going to fix chat?

Definitely not 1.13

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No. Leave my beloved Christmas Ostrich alone. Why does everyone always do this with every powerful creature? Does everyone WANT another Monimimus situation?

Edit: Also, I was told after having come back that she essentially got nerfed, anyways, because a lot more things have Immunity. If that’s the case, I really don’t see why Procerathomimus would need a Nerf.

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Because it has no reason to be that strong. Look at him and then look at his parents. Why he has 750 more health than both of it’s parents? Why he has 50 attack higher? Why he has DR instead of DI? He needs a nerf, that’s sure. If their parents would be exclusive, then it could be an explanation. But they aren’t. Orni is a very common epic spawn and Procerat is an arena exclusive (which also isn’t hard to get, especially considering that he was a season reward)


Because those Immune creatures also beat everything else. By that logic everything was nerfed, and relatively to them Procera is as powerful as ever.

Also, welcome back to the forums. Interesting time to rejoin. We might be on the verge of something interesting.

They are already out today, and honestly I prefer them to strike events. More interesting with restrictions, allow unused dinos to be used a bit. But yes please we need a p-rat nerf


Where and how to find them?

We aren’t asking for a heavy nerf, all we ask is a very small stat nerf and that is it.