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Is it really a teaser for 1.13?

Tuora, Thor and Monolo are also good examples

not really.
Rex/ ankytro/ Tryko
hp 4350/4980/4500
At 1900/1000/1680
Sp 102/115/108
Ar 0%/30%/30%
C 30%/ 5%/30%

looking at the stats, it got both the crit and armor of its parents, but averaged out health, damage, and speed.
looking at moves, Rex has 3 damaging moves, one of which is an impact. Ankytro has two, a strike and an impact, while also having defensive abilities.

Tryko has both the offensive and defensive abilities of its parents. Now looking at what those actually are, It has a strike and a rampage of Rex. It has a counter attack that ankytro had. Combine that with the strike turn one, that’s kinda like an impact in terms of damage. It has ankytro’s defensive abilities to help it survive, effectively increasing health and damage output.

In terms of damage output, tryko is about on par with what Rex could do over the course of its life. It’s better than rex due to the armor, so it survives some speedies better, but is worse in terms of just the attack stat. On the other side, it has worse speed than ankytro, and cannot nullify abilities or slow down an opponent. It’s a relatively balanced mix of both.

compared to procerath who, when compared to her components, takes their stats and abilities and just boosts everything above a reasonable increase.


And this is why Tryko is the perfect balanced dino in this game

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Ok. I only really asked because of how good it was. lol

granted, when tryko had her original kit, i could see her as being way too strong.
Someone will have to remind me of exactly what that was. I don’t quite remember. I keep thinking she had 2 rampages, and i’m pretty sure that’s not right.

And that’s how all hybrids should look like. Tryko is a very old and unchanged hybrid, it shows how great once Ludia was at creating JWA. Sometimes I wonder if they haven’t lost a very talented and creative employee or two somewhere before 1.7


I was thinking of how is it connected with Yoshi’s nerf and hybrids at all, and then I checked what’s the true topic of this thread. XD

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looks like we got way off topic. :rofl:

Yeah, slightly :joy:

Well, technically speaking, one of the options in the poll IS about Procerathomimus getting a Nerf. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Where I can find this new feature? Is it already available in current update?

yep. it looks close to a regular strike tower. but the bottom is a darker grey.

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Is it just the common one so far? That’s all I can see.

How about you forget every nerf or buff, forget adding new creatures.
First things you need to work on is fixing the chat, and fixing the arena and battles.
Then we’ll see about the rest.

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I’m not worried about Procera…unless it’s boosted to space lol.

Yeah but going off the Pokemon example, look at Mewtwo, see how well that Mew cloning experiment turned out lol

Nerf Marsupial Lion?

Oh, we’re just reducing the HP to 3000 and that is it.