Is it really a teaser for 1.13?

Why does it have higher health, attack, and a better move? The reason is simple, really. Going with a Pokemon comparison here, it’s because when a creature evolves it gets stronger. Charizard isn’t as weak as Charmander. Raichu is leagues better than a Pichu. You’d likely rather have Lycanroc than a Rockruff. No, they’re not exactly the same. But I’d say these two things are at least similar enough for the comparison to be made, and actually be correct. That’s not to say it absolutely can’t be nerfed, I just don’t see the need, especially when people have been crying for this for literally every op creature in this game. And I don’t think the fact that it’s stronger than it’s components is a valid argument. No body ever wants to evolve a Pokemon or create a hybrid that’s just AS STRONG as it’s previous form, or weaker. That’s not how it does or should work. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you have other reasons, I’d be more than happy to hear them! I’m not a troll or anything. I just think you need a better reason than it’s stronger than what’s used to make it.

Edit: Oh, I’m also probably a bit biased, obviously. Yeah, I’ll admit to that. She is my favorite hybrid, after all!

So trials are here and… I kinda love the idea AND the arena they chose?
Straight outta the Cretacic.

I think it’s safe to say Procerathomimus would be better than both it’s ingredients even if it had Ornithomimus’ stats. That kit is enough.

Bad comparison. Evolution is something like growing up, it makes sense because when a certain Poke grows, it’s bigger, stronger and more intelligent. Fusing is different. When you fuse two creatures, you get a hybrid that has features of both of it’s parents. But not features that they doesn’t have. Imagine that you fuse Orni and Procerat IRL (if that would be possible). Tell me how would be the result bigger, stronger and bulkier than them? That wouldn’t make any sense

Well, for one thing, you’re probably taking all the best parts from both components and using only those. Think of the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World. It was WAY stronger than Blue and Rexy. She held her own against both of them in a two-on-one fight, fairly easily I might add. While this probably isn’t how it’d work irl, at least not at first, I think it’s a safe assumption that we should be using the movies’ logic here. The only reason the I-Rex lost that fight is because she got a little too close the Mosasaurus tank. I will also point out that, technically speaking, this also isn’t an exact comparison either, considering the I-Rex was a genetically engineered super predator that wasn’t even made up entirely of DNA from other Dinosaurs. She did also have cuttlefish and tree frog DNA (even though technically speaking that shouldn’t matter considering ALL of these dinos have frog DNA spliced into them but I’m ignoring it for the sake of the argument because I like giving both sides a fair chance), but it’s at least a better argument, right? And I didn’t make the Pokemon comparison for the evolution mechanic, more so for a point about gameplay. It doesn’t really matter how it’s being done, if you’re taking a creature and raising it with the intent to make it stronger, whether it’s by evolving it into a better form or combining it with other creatures, from a gameplay perspective, the end result should ALWAYS be better and stronger. :blush:

JWA has never really been like that, though. Usually, a hybrid has one or two aspects that are more powerful than the ingredients, but a move set that is far superior to either. Most hybrids I can think of are usually less powerful, but have better move sets to compensate.

Procera, on the other hand, is just flat out more powerful in all aspects, which is why it doesn’t feel right. We have uniques that have lower health and attack than their predecessors, but then we have this epic running around more powerful than anything else. It does break the balance of the game.

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Tbh I think the breeding system on Pokémon is more closed to the hybridization system than the evolution, and I know when you breed the Pokémons the babies can’t have better stats than the parents so I guess it should be the same thing for the hybrids, don’t have better stats than their parents for any reason

Ok, can you give me examples? Sorry if that sounds a bit condescending, I actually mean it. :sweat_smile: I don’t really pay attention to stuff like that when it comes to making comparisons. Like I said, I’m more than happy to listen to the other side of this argument! In fact, I mostly keep responding to keep the debate going!

Honestly, in terms of how much it has going for it, procerath does need a nerf. not nessecarily a huge nerf, but a nerf none the less.

It was massively buffed when dodge was nerfed to ueseless. It came back from that, but not quite enough to not be as oppressive. Toning it back a bit more is all it needs. It is the second fastest dino in the game (tied with Blue due to rarity), has high damage, multiple ways to reduce damage, Bulky health for a speedster, easily obtained ingredients, and it is not a super hybrid. If it wasn’t for the fact it wasn’t a super hybrid, this kind of strength would be relatively more accepted.

About Jurassic World when Rexy and Blue are both to fighting against Imdom they beat it, I mean before Mosa comes Indom didn’t do almost nothing against them it’s not for nothing there is a lot of bleed on Indom before Mosa kill it

Yes. That is a very fair point. I do know she wasn’t out right destroying them, which is why I worded it as “fairly easily”. But I still believe she could’ve won that fight if it weren’t for the Mosasaurus, at least in the long run. It’s also made very clear that she isn’t just strong, but also extremely intelligent. She probably would’ve had the mind set to try and wear them out, or even flee if she needed to. But, anyways, not really trying to debate about how that fight could’ve ended. lol

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My fave when it comes to this topic is Utasinoraptor and Utarinex!

Health: 3000|3600
Damage: 1600|1550
Speed: 127|126
Amor: 15%|0%
Crit: 5%|10%

Utarinex has much higher health than Utasino and a higher crit. But in every other way, Utasino beats her by a little (or a fair amount where armour is concerned). In terms of move sets, however, Utarinex has a 2x move, whereas Utasino has a 1.75x move.


Oh, I meant Procerathomimus vs her components. Sorry. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Oh, I know Trykosaurus was considered really strong before I left. Don’t know if she got nerfed, though. Just curious, would you consider Tryko to have ever been in the same situation as Procerathomimus, way to strong when compared to her compared to her components?

Tuora, Thor and Monolo are also good examples

not really.
Rex/ ankytro/ Tryko
hp 4350/4980/4500
At 1900/1000/1680
Sp 102/115/108
Ar 0%/30%/30%
C 30%/ 5%/30%

looking at the stats, it got both the crit and armor of its parents, but averaged out health, damage, and speed.
looking at moves, Rex has 3 damaging moves, one of which is an impact. Ankytro has two, a strike and an impact, while also having defensive abilities.

Tryko has both the offensive and defensive abilities of its parents. Now looking at what those actually are, It has a strike and a rampage of Rex. It has a counter attack that ankytro had. Combine that with the strike turn one, that’s kinda like an impact in terms of damage. It has ankytro’s defensive abilities to help it survive, effectively increasing health and damage output.

In terms of damage output, tryko is about on par with what Rex could do over the course of its life. It’s better than rex due to the armor, so it survives some speedies better, but is worse in terms of just the attack stat. On the other side, it has worse speed than ankytro, and cannot nullify abilities or slow down an opponent. It’s a relatively balanced mix of both.

compared to procerath who, when compared to her components, takes their stats and abilities and just boosts everything above a reasonable increase.


And this is why Tryko is the perfect balanced dino in this game

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Ok. I only really asked because of how good it was. lol

granted, when tryko had her original kit, i could see her as being way too strong.
Someone will have to remind me of exactly what that was. I don’t quite remember. I keep thinking she had 2 rampages, and i’m pretty sure that’s not right.

And that’s how all hybrids should look like. Tryko is a very old and unchanged hybrid, it shows how great once Ludia was at creating JWA. Sometimes I wonder if they haven’t lost a very talented and creative employee or two somewhere before 1.7