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Is it really all bots in all PvP?

I hadn’t done any pvp for a fairly long time but semi recently started doing 3 modded pvp battles a day to complete the daily missions and get lucky with some prizes.and there is a lot of odd behavior in the battles. I know that the tournaments are all bots, it’s quite obvious, but again in the modded pvp there is some strange stuff that goes on that makes you wonder sometimes, do you get a legit player once in a while?

I had a modded aquatic recently where it seemed like a legit rage quit disconnect. Fight was going, some strange crafty plays from the other side early on and at a glance it probably seemed like i was sure to lose but i still had everything planned out for a guaranteed win. Comes down to 1 v 2, i take out 1 of the 2 and as the opponents next creature rolls up and the mods update its clear i am guaranteed a win by 1 move and boom disconnect. It was exactly what you would expect from time to time with some real PvP, and i don’t get too many disconnects.

It isn’t uncommon to see teams build like a real person would do to try and get an edge match up wise. Low level dino, high level dino, low level dino.

Sometimes the plays made are not what you would expect from a bot, for better or worse. I have had fights where the opponent does an extra hit that is not needed. I had a fight the other day in modded where i had armored hide on my lead off dino and the opponent saved up 7 moves and burned them all on attack. Do they have like stupid bots sometimes?

Sometimes the match ups are super balanced and screams bot, other times they are fairly lopsided liked it must have been searching for an opponent and this was the best they could do.

But at the same time i don’t think i have ever had any forfeits from the opponent, you would think you should definitely get some here and there. I know if i am guaranteed to lose i don’t waste my time and forfeit. Even before i was actually doing the pvp’s for the daily missions i would still “do the fights” to complete the mission but immediately quit forfeit out as soon as the timer started because i didn’t feel like wasting time doing the fights. So at some point if it wasn’t all bots eventually one of those hundreds of matches i quit would had to of been against another player so someone should see forfeits.

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I mean…if its a real person and they know they’re gonna lose, they are more than likely to forfeit…but bots don’t…we already know tournaments are just AI, so who knows

I’ve noticed more erratic behavior of the game’s bots in modded PvE as well. The bots don’t seem to get how to use mods well. Regular PvE and PvP the bot opponents seem to not miscalculate.


It’s hit or miss for me. Sometimes the “bot” handles it perfeclty, they will rotate the creature with say Invigorate out of the active position to the last spot, they will do 1 attack right away or on the second turn to nullify armored hide or the shield one. But again, other times the plays seem rather stupid.


We’ve had this discussion ad nauseum on this forum. It’s definitely AI. I virtually never have disconnects in my game (with the exception of ones caused by my phone), so have never experienced a PvP disconnect as you describe that could be attributed to the opponent quitting the game. Typically in games that have real PvP, they let you know when the other player has left (for whatever reason) and replace it with AI at that point. There’d be no reason for Ludia to not do the same if it really was a PvP match, because such disconnects would be happening all the time for all of us.

The modded PvPs seem particularly obvious to me, because of how often the mod lineup and use is so random and not at all the way real players would use them. Particularly legendary mods. It’s kind of nonsensical to pay DBs for a mod that you then use in a way to render it totally useless.

As I just posted on another thread, AI for games always has a degree of randomness built in and clearly they do that even more so in PvP AI to give it an appearance of being a real person. But you’ll notice how the AI never moves quickly as real players do, and if you learn its patterns of play, it’s pretty easy to win almost all your matches. That would not be possible if you were really up against real players.

The AI does seem to get tweaked from time to time, and currently seems to really like saving up to get a guaranteed kill attack. You didn’t mention how many points it needed to have that with your armored hide, but I’m guessing you had 4 points reserved, so with that mod, 7 points would not be at all unusual for the AI to need for a guaranteed kill.

And yes, it does also have a high degree of randomness (within limits) as to the opponents it gives you. But it seems to be much more likely in modded events to give you really underpowered, than overpowered, opponents. My assumption is this is to allow for the extra difficulty the mods add.


It most probably was before you started playing, but I can remember that I had the situation that my ‘opponent’ disconnected in the past several times.
It then said ‘Your opponent abandoned the fight. You won’, or something similar.
Maybe this was the reason why I believed in real opponents for a long time too. But now I know that it was just a part of the illusion game.


Oh wow, yeah that would be pretty deceptive. I’ve seen messages similar mentioned “your game session being lost” or something along those lines, particularly back when the PvPs were really messed up with the initial mod release, but don’t recall it mentioning that a person was involved.


Well…I’ve never seen my opponent rage quit even when the odds are stacked against him…so I’m inclined to believe they are bots

When AI has a level 1 Tuojiangosaurus left they still don’t ragequit.

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I remember this as well

Yup @Tommi is correct you used to get messages of your opponent has left the match and you would auto win, now that never happens and only you disconnect. I remember watching the clock count down back in the day and wondering as it got closer to zero if it was my side loading the disconnect or my opponent. Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. I don’t think the AI takes into account the MODs, aside from the ones that change your stats automatically. So it understands say Charge, or Rally, but has no idea about Piercing Bite or Tough Skin. It just plays the match the way it’s logic tells it to and the MODs just take affect as they go. If they help great and if they don’t that’s okay to as far as the AI is concerned.


I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore since we are definitely facing AI, but I also remembering getting notifications when I first started playing that my opponent had disconnected. So I wonder if maybe early on, there was actually PvP? And then there weren’t enough players so that they had to make all of the PvPs be AI? Or maybe it’s just been AI the entire time. Who knows, but I do wonder if it was Ludia being deceptive the entire time, or if the nature of PvP has changed over the 5 years the game has been around. Purely idle speculation though that has no bearing on the current game.

It’s certainly possible.