Is it really worth using elusive skills?

I fear that unfortunately, no, recently Ludía implemented a measure for elusive and camouflage skills in which even if your elusive has been successful you receive a percentage of the total damage done by the enemy attack. Taking into account that first you have to be lucky to dodge, to an Indominus Rex for example this change would not affect you much (for its high number of health points), but on the other side of the scale there are dinosaurs with few health points such as Procerathomimus or Monomimus (to name a few) that in addition to not only being easily defeated by a dracoceratops in the blink of an eye, you have to have the lucky to dodge first. And precisely these dinosaurs had the special characteristic of having a high speed, a characteristic that disappeared with the implementation of statistical changes and with which even a Tyrannosaurus could have more speed than a dinosaur with normal statistics.
This change in elusive skills, personally is something I see completely unnecessary since there are many creatures with voided abilities, and recently they added “precise” attacks that ignore camouflage and elusive, and “definitive” attacks that completely destroy them , and this is how elusive skills become technically useless.
While you could use camouflage in an Indominus to take advantage of the increased attack, in an Indoraptor, Procerathomimus or trying to take advantage of the change in “100%” of dodging in a Monomimus would not make sense since in addition to spending a turn, if you are not lucky to dodge you eat the whole damage, and if you are lucky, you still receive damage that in decisive situations could easily leave you with a defeat.
What do you think about all this?

Users were always complaining about RNG. This is the consequence.

Before patch you at least had an option using evasives.

Now, for example, if first hit is accurate (you are against a Thor) when using an evassive, second hit (instant charge) will always kill your dinosaur.

Even 100% SIA is working bad and reducing your possibilities. For example if I use my Qetzorion in SIA, it will always be hit and next turn is easy deal for a Dracoceratops.

Now thanks to RNG complainers and boost the actual meta is for Thor and Draco meta. Best regards

The plus side is that I see far fewer nullifiers than I used to. I hate the changes to dodge but nullification attacks made them pointless.

Indominus you basically have to use as a regular dinosaur now and use Cloak when you think its actually worthwhile. Cloak was her defence and she doesn’t have enough health now.

Indoraptor is still good as he’s fast and puts out a decent amount of damage. I’d prefer that evasive worked as it used to but at least I can feel that Indoraptor is worth using.

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It’s still worth using tbh, but not something to be relied upon anymore.

I had a full health Erlidom vs Thor, My cloak dodged 66% of the attack (yes that’s right terminology, it DODGED 66% attack) and even a failed dodge the Thor would not kill me with priority stun even with critical I think. Turned out the Erlidom dodged 66% again of the priority and my Erlidom one-shot a 5200+ HP Thor.

So yeah, still worth using, but that may depend on the type of dino you are talking about. The good thing with Erlidom is the 2x that the cloak gives also.