Is it sad

That I’m like ecstatic to have finally broken 3800 trophies? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No, it is not. Gratz! :us:

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The fact that you are still stuck in Sorna with an Indo gives me no hope that’ll I’ll ever get out of there haha


Believe it or not… indoraptor is not as good as some of you may think. Actually, she is easily countered.


Anything can be countered. The fear is that it’s much more powerful than the average dino on any given team, especially in the marshes.

@TyrannosaurusLex, you’re almost up to the trophy count you deserve to have! (4000+)

Woohoo! Kicking names and taking…wait I always mess that up :yum:



My favorite Marvel. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If there is anything I can talk about more than JWA, it’s Marvel.


It seems like upper sorna has become the transition zone from casual players to the more serious ones. Give it time, I know you’ll jump that hurdle Soon!

I feel like I’m never making the Ruins. Ever. I’m already back to 1790. :sob:

Is it serious or just joke🤔?

Who the heck is camping in Marshes that is taking you out?

No! It’s your personal milestone in this game! :wink:

Congrats for real. Not sad, just great strategy to make money hand over fist by Ludia.

People with dinos levels below mine that just get ridiculously lucky with RNG. I haven’t gotten my Indo all day either.

Did you play any contest of champions? Kabam is seriously trying to squeeze blood from a stone there… blatant money grabs so I finally stopped

I played that for like three days. Got boring fast.

I won’t mention that I got a team up to 700k prestige lol…it can get repetitive and it didn’t quite make sense to me that Daredevil could take on the hulk on an even playing field…

No, I was really into Marvel Puzzle Quest, and then got kicked out of my alliance when I started playing JWA, because I only played the bare minimum of MPQ. That was the nail in the coffin that brought me to JWA full time.