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Is It Safe To Upgrade My Team Now? Matchmaker Better and Arena Balanced?

Last time I did an upgrade to my team (level up indoraptor, and applied 1 boost tier to thor and other dino i cant remember) was traumatic.

I related that here, in some topic. I was stabilized at 4700~4800 trophies and after that upgrade, matchmaker started to think i was better than i really was: placing me against monster turbo teams, i dropped to 4200 in less than a week.

This was early june, a few days after new matchmaking system announced (end of may).

I didn’t upgrade ANY thing since.

Recently the battles for me seem very better, and i’m stable again at about 4700~4800.

Look what i have ready, waiting for matchmaking fixed and arena balanced:

(health and damage tiers are almost all 5)

That drop was traumatic. I am afraid to upgrade and matchmaker take me to the ground hahahaha!


It seems like the way to go is not level but boost instead for better matchups for mid level teams. My highest leveled account gets worse matchups then another of my accounts that has the same dinos just a level or two lower with the same boosts. The lower leveled account has over 5000 trophies yet my higher leveled account is around 4600 trophies. You can see this trend in lots of alliances where the top team has level 22 or 23 dinos, where the higher leveled teams are no longer the top team.


When I levelled my Tenontorex from 23 to 24 all the 127 speed Thors changed to 135 speed, so no its not safe.
Funny enough when I applied a bunch of boosts it made no difference…surprise surprise!

So grinding and levelling up your team for free is bad, but when you buy boosts and use them its fine.

I won’t be around much longer at this rate. Already started playing Diablo 3 again on Switch and having fun.


I’ve only recently started boosting and now I’m winning again. I used to purposely look at the levels as new creatures step up for battle. Now, I barely even check. It seems that it just doesn’t matter anymore.


Do you happen to know if Ludia have posted anywhere exactly how the matchmaking works? would be nice to know how it works so I can tailor my team so I get fair, less rage inducing fights.


Not surprising as Ludia encourages people to buy boosts instead of grinding DNA and levelling up.


From experience you are generally ok with boosting and could be ok with leveling some of the lower team members. But a raise in the highest members or a bring more of the mid team up to top team level will be detrimental for a period.

I don’t think at the level you are at it will be complete disaster but it will make some of the MMs harder with less trophies to show.

Also keep in mind with Thor and Indo at 24 you have room to bring up some of the others and focus on a fairly equal team level. Remember there are, for some ridiculous reason, top 100 teams at team level 24.


Honestly… just level up already, you’re gonna have to do it at some point because levels still matter. Even with boosts, you still get speed ties quite often. Matchmaking most likely won’t be fixed anytime soon, so just keep working on making your team better and more balanced. Maybe as soon as you do the levelups youll get the odd matches where you lose a lot, but things balance out with time…

And boosts arent going anywhere so what do you plan to do, boost everything to tier 10 and keep your dinos at a lower level? (its gonna take a while im just being extra to make a point)

Main point is… you’re gonna absolutely HAVE TO level them up eventually, might as well do it now.



thats because i should save that boosts to next unlocked dinos, like erlikospyx, magna or dilora, whose i dont have yet.

or apply all boosts and stay lower in level.

it would be very nice if we can see boosts in teams, when opening a player profile.

to know what boost tiers people are using at leaderboard.

other nice thing would be ludia show detailed matchmaker rules.

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No, No & No & 10 characters.


What tier are your creatures boosted to on average @AndreMR?

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health - attack - speed:

thor: 5-5-5
tryko: 5-5-5
erlidom: 5-5-4
indor: 5-4-3
dracorat: 5-5-3
utasino: 5-5-4
yoshi: 5-5-4
tator: 4-0-3


im doing things carefully then.

first i leveled up and applied tier 5 speed to procerathomimus. well, its an epic, i guess my team score get less increase than uniques or legendaries.

im having better battle results WHEN yoshi is selected (obvious), and didnt notice much difference when its not.

it seems matchmaker is doing what expected: all opponents hard to beat (stronger than me) are lower trophies. the easier are higher trophies than me.

then i was thinking:

what happens if for some random and/or casual conditions, matchmaker place me against lower trophies but stronger teams for many battles in a row? i drop dramatically to lower arena?

because when battling against lower trophies / stronger team its almost impossible to win without so much luck.

Id say the safest dinos are to level utahsino and erli…thor and dracocera are to high level and will get you immediate bad matchups

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Leveling up your highest lvl dino before you level up the rest of your team is an absolute terrible strategy…

If you have one dino at 25 and the rest of your team is at 22-23 leveling up that 25 will net you a cool 500 trophy loss for all those coins.

The smart move is to save coins and dna and level everything else to that level 25 dino then start leveling your 25s.

In a world which seasonal pvp never ends leveling up a high level dino since you eventually have to do it is a pretty terrible strategy, those loss of trophies may not be huge but it could make the difference in reward tiers and next seasons rewards might be just what you need. Leveling up your highest level dino might be the most counter productive thing to do in this game if its gonna take you a few months to catch up the rest of your team.


To add what Eviction said, I would go as far as to say stop leveling at 24.
A well boosted L24 team can bypass a lot of players and get you into Gyro at the moment, but continue boosting and collecting DNA and coins.
This way you can play it smartly short term, and if fixed in the future, go on a psycho fuse fest for the long term. Gaming the system is sadly the most effective way progress at the moment.


i think this is what happened to me last month. i leveled up that indoraptor to 24… it was dramatic.


let me ask you people one main question then:

are you climbing in trophies after leveling and/or boosting creatures of your team?

I’m down roughly 100 trophies since the start of the season so honestly it doesn’t “seem” to matter much.
I lose most matches, but it’s few trophies lost, when I beat the L30 teams it makes up for it more or less. Ludia at least seemed to get that right.

But since I lose more, it means I have to spend more time in the arena to get incubators. It’s not TERRIBLE to upgrade, but expect to put more time in to accomplishing your tasks.

Shows where we are with things at the moment that we are strategising how not to level up your team … would be :rofl: if is wasn’t so :sob: