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Is it Tapejalocephalus worth it?

Hey guys would like to ask if you think that the super hybrid would be worth getting? The only thing stopping me is that it wiuld cost me 34k DNA as i currently have a level 21 of tapejalosaurus. Also, i would only be able to afford 1 copy atm as ive got about 2.2k of the eupoch sdna. though i do have about 77k of normal DNA but as much as possible, am saving it for better purposes. (unless of course this one is).


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At my level of play, in high level events my Pterosaurs of choice are almost exclusively level 30 Pterodactylus and level 15 Tapejalocephalus


I don’t know either your lineup or your park level, but you are never going to regret adding super hybrids to your bench. They are some of the best creatures you can get in the game. If you can afford it, go for it.


It is worth it on long time run since it is one of the best flyer.


The cool down time per ferocity level is pretty good on all the super hybrids, so yes!


Absolutely worth it in my opinion.


it’s worth but going too high your ferocity can hurt rarity events unless you don’t mind…


well this is my lineup atm. And after getting pyros last night, ive got a level 31 carnoraptor in the fusion thing. And ive got about 5.6k dimetro sdna so was hopeful that my dimetrocarno would also balance the tapejalo in my lineup.

Just also worried to mess up my lineup too because if my lineup’s ferocity would go up, then so would the AI bots. And currently, ive just been hanging onto 95-100th place in dom and would really not want to miss out on the spino gen 2 lol.

after the 3rd photo, Ive also got a another page and a half of level 30 legendaries.

E.g. Irritator Rumble or the Coin Event fornwhich i could click on a paddock without doing any battle

I envy you!

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diplosuchus is currently my strongest creature (because he is level 30) and since diplosuchus is the weakest super hybrid, I say that tapejalocephalus is worth it …

you should make your baryonyx level 20 and evolve a ramphorinchus to level 40 to get a legendary hybrid named unayarinchus.

i am glad you had edmontosaurus!

His lineup is not ready for a L20 Baryonyx


ho thin, I forgot about fury problem … and with an unayarinchus, would be good?

What fury problem? :flushed: I think you meant “ferocity”…

@Blacksaber i was also thinking of doing a unayrhynchus, but because of its long cool down, makes me unsure about it. maybe in the future but would rather have 2 level 40s first atm.

And yep really glad we got t rex’s favourite meal!

@Wilson Ive got a level 11 acro and its working fine too. though i wanna keep baryonyx on level 10s as its a nice way to get up to predator without the long cooldown.

Exactly, you need to make your lineup deeper before you think about fusing more, in my opinion.


yes (ferocity) but in French it is said to be fury in the game.

@Wilson jokes misread and thought you said yes to level 20 bary. in that case, 100% my opinion too!