Is it time to drop Mortem Rex?

I’ve lost four battles in a row, all because my opponent had either Scorp3 or Ref on their team and my Morty was helpless to do anything. Whenever I get matched with something that Mortem should logically have no problem beating (Bumpylux, Hadros, Skoona, etc.) they just swap to one of those two. It’s not like I can swap anything into Ref without taking massive damage because of the bleed, so I have no choice but to just let Morty fall.

For those using Giganyx - how is he? Is it worth swapping in if I have him at around lv 25, unboosted?

Alternatively, any other suggestions? Only interested in a fierce or partial fierce, since it’s things like Skoona and Bumpylux that I’m specifically struggling with.

While mortem gets hurt by its counters its still very good. I wouldn’t drop it just because it gets countered by some things

Cant really say without seeing the rest of the team make up. Mort still works for me even with ref and scorp around sicne the others on my team can deal with them.

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I love using Giganyx, but it takes some time to figure out how to use it effectively.

I would otherwise advise that you stick with Mortem for now, until you can get either Imperatosuchus or Giganyx (or both!) close to your Mortem’s level and have enough boosts in them to match, or nearly match, your Mortem’s stats. As well as obviously invest in another Fierce creature on your team so that you’re not caught needing a Shield-breaker and not having one (so it may be a good idea to keep Mortem on your team regardless if it’s your only Fierce creature now and just swap something else out that you don’t really need).

I’m seeing way too many players throwing out Imperatosuchus’ and Giganyxs’ that are level 26-27 in Gryosphere Depot and Nublar Shores and they get completely destroyed by everything outside of the creatures they’re designed to counter, and that’s why I’ve learned to not swap anything out of my team until it’s replacement is strong enough to fill in the power gap, because otherwise it’s almost more of a liability to your team than the creature you replaced.


Anyone else confused by this post? Dude has an apex but doesn’t know the concept of counters?

It’s not that he doesn’t know the concept of counters, but the simple fact that Mortem has no means of protecting itself from being swapped in on.

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What’s your team

It does tho… Swapping out.

Why would you swap out a Mortem that’s at full health when you would have no conceivable way of knowing for certain if the opponent has a Scorp or Ref that they’re about to swap into if they even decide to swap into it?


I meant after they swap in, genius.

None of them have damaging swap ins and when you swap in your dinosaur can’t use a turn. So when they swap in you swap out

I dropped mortem agers ago

Ref is such a one sided match up and pretty much 99% of people use ref.

For other fierce options you have


So instead of Mortem taking the Super Distraction, you choose to sacrifice something else to the Super Distraction and then they have to eat Ref’s Cunning Rampage afterwards, still leaving it almost none the worse for wear while your opponent is up 1 or 2 to nothing?

Yeah, that makes sense. Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? :roll_eyes:


Please remember to keep things civil, everyone.


Ace is a cunning fierce
Also Rexy


Mortem is absolutely hopeless now at high library upwards. For the whole of the last season I lost at least 75% of match ups when I used Morty as Ref of SR3 swapped in on it and I had no answer.

I subsequently dropped Mortem on all 3 of my accounts and used the apex croc at level 27 in its place and did much better since doing so

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Hello, in those cases it changed to Ankylos or Bamby. But if Mortem already uses Roar, I stay to deal damage and then switch to Mortem which with low health is still useful in the endgame.

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