Is it Time to Give up on JWA?

Every update adds new creatures, but also many more problems, which Ludia seems reluctant to fix. Our alliance cannot donate DNA, and trying to get a raid going has gotten even more difficult (which is hard to imagine at this point). More of us have to reboot the game now just to get raid invites.

I would love to know if Ludia (and its new owners) plan to address any of these issues. If you are just milking the game for the last few bucks that you can get from us players before shutting it down I totally understand - truly I do - but it would be good to know.

I would love for JWA to stick around, but it’s getting harder and harder to imagine a world in which that happens. Perhaps the new owners of Ludia would like to address some of the issues to reassure players of their intentions?


Since the new ownership it’s only become worse. I definitely think we’re in the endgame. Just a matter of time.


I hate to say it @DarkDave777x , but I agree with you. The refusal to address these issues is systemic. Ludia keeps adding things that add to their bottom line, but do not benefit the players of the game. This is always a recipe for disaster.

I have played this game since the beginning, but it seems that the company is no longer supporting it.


To be fair (and playing devil’s advocate just a bit here) - these issues are all BRAND NEW and just starting happening TODAY.

I’m all for “let’s burn Ludia at the stake” but let’s at least give them some time to fix the issue here. The reports started coming in around the end of their work day.


I hear you, and we have set the bar lower and lower for Ludia after every single update/release. When will we finally hold Ludia to the same standard that other 99% of games are at?


I’m just waiting to see how they handle the Google Maps SDK for Unity (which they use to generate the in-game map and all its terrain/man-made features in the game) and the Playable Locations API (which they use to place supply drops/strike towers, sancts, and raid bosses on the map) becoming unsupported as of December 2022. I don’t know how big of a deal this is (it depends on how easy it is to find other sources for their map and “playable locations” data), but it’s going to affect feature development and bug fixes no matter what.


Any one else having trouble collecting donations/ donating dna in alliance?


Too many long standing bugs.


I’ve also been playing since launch and run 3 accounts. I am the leader of an alliance and I’m now struggling to jolly my team mates up after yet another disastrous update.

Many of us have raided together since they started so we have the Mortem not doing as it should issue ever since it was changed. And not a word from Ludia about whether it will ever do the 2 turn buff or not.

Talking of raids, we can barely do them since the update as invites don’t appear on any devices on both android and iOS .

DNA donations are not being received, can’t be collected, can’t be given etc……

Sanctuary sharing is almost impossible when hopping as the new alliance isn’t showing up for the hopper.

The map issue, as in it doesn’t move with you since the android 12 update is going to get worse as more devices will run it. It’s bad enough that every newer android phone runs it anyway and many players can’t find a way around it. So a game that relies on the player moving around to collect dna, items and supply drops no longer supports movement!

How can those of us who still support the game and promote it to others possibly do so with all this happening?
Where is this new transparency and communication from Ludia?


Brand new bugs on top of the bugs we’ve already had for years, YEARS that they just refuse (?) To fix.

A company like that has little of my faith of actually fixing any new bugs.

We’ll get the same old “we are aware of the issue and looking into it” for the next two years while nothing actually gets done.

Now if they do actually fix these bugs and the older ones, I’ll be tickled pink.


Its impossible to raid because of invitation bug
Havent done a single raid today


It’s pretty bad. We expect new bugs every update. However when they say they squash 100+ bugs each update but we see no changes and things get worse, it doesn’t look good. Are we being lied to? Then the known issues in the release notes are a few bugs from a couple years ago.

The only bugs fixed immediately are ones that affect ludia making money.

An incubator that is supposed to sell for $100 is out for $10 because someone messed up. Imagine how fast that would be fixed.

The donations and request being messed up is unreal and they can’t compensate for that. The purchase being messed up doing bother me but I’m sure it does many. The raids is super annoying to constantly use third party apps to arrange and then have to restart is ridiculous.

It’s getting bad. I don’t plan on quitting but it’s be very frustrating. I’m glad I don’t spend money on this game.


The game has always been a mess. Locking players out for a week, infinite boosts from supply drops, missing creatures in ESDs, bears not showing up, that VIP exploit. And that’s just the past few months. Donations and raid invites are just the cherry on the dumpster fire.

My alliance is the only thing keeping me playing.


well i’m praying to God that it wont end soon… i love this game…


We also have the gps issue and google maps shutting down its gaming services, Ludia has yet to comment on this issue


Play Pokémon Go, it’s so much better!


raid invites not coming through is not a new bug, it happened all the time before and they fixed it. it is back again.


In my opinion it’s not, that game gets boring very quickly and there’s a huge lack of features. Jwa is such a unique game and the battles are amazing but it’s needs a lot of fixes and for Ludia to stop being so incompetent


I love Pokemon go but really only play during events. It is not as frustrating or stressful as JWA and not nearly as broken, but it does have it’s issues.

JWA Is unique and has a bunch of really good ideas, the dinosaurs, the original arena was so fun I could literally spend all day in it, the alliances, tournaments, and ECT.

If JWA had different priorities it could be so good!


A lot of people in my alliance play both.
In a worst case scenario our alliance will probably live on through that game.
I just hate the speed limits and the fact I’d have to head out of the burbs and go downtown. The freedom to play in my own neighborhood is the main selling point for JWA for me.

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