Is it time to increase creature levels past 30?

With many long time players being at level 30 creatures for so long now, do you think increasing max levels past 30 would be a good idea?


No thanks, that seems way too costly, in both DNA and coins, not to mention that additional levels means extra boosts, which is not good at all for the meta as some creatures (especially the ones that are already dominating) will become way too strong

Another thing: you need 1000 DNA to unlock and max one Apex creature (300 to unlock + 700 to level), pushing that to something like 35, would mean that you would need to collect an additional 2300 DNA, and that just doesn’t seem worth it


Agree. Don’t do it. Way too costly to replace a high level creature that is nerfed or power creeped out.

For long time players, probably it’s time for you to level up the new meta


I think its only a good idea if they add a new rarity.

Well I’ve got 2 apex at level 30 so no point doing those raids anymore I guess.

I think increasing the level cap to 35 would be a great idea to be honest.

And I’d like to see an increase in the pvp roster from 8 to 12 too.


Nope no way


Doing something, anything, would be great. The points made here makes me not want to have to deal with leveling creatures past 30, since there are so many creatures to level, mainly for tourneys, once your arena team’s dinos get to 30. I feel like there should be something we could do with our excess dna once a creature reaches 30. What’s the point in stacking all of this dna? I like the idea of a 12 creature team, but I feel like there should be an option of choosing to battle with 8 or 12, but that would probably extend matchmaking wait times, so idk. It takes a while to get a full team’s worth of 30s, but it would be nice if there were some other battle options besides the same old boosted team of 8. It gets real old.

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No, simply because of the powercreep this game has. It’s already frustrating enough getting that perfect team member to 30, only to have it nerfed for no reason or for a whole bunch of way better dinos come along and render yours obsolete.


Yes, with a few caveats.

We’ve got such a log jam now with everyone fielding full lvl 30, fully boosted teams, that there is really very little incentive to progress at this point. The thing people seem to forget is that the top dogs have 10-20 (or MORE) fully boosted level 30s just sitting on the bench. When the meta shifts, they’re already there (minus maybe some boost tweaking) so they aren’t going anywhere. Since they’ve already leveled everything that isn’t new, all they’re doing at this point is stockpiling resources - further cementing themselves at the top. Good for them for getting to that point, I suppose, but this makes them meta proof which isn’t really what Ludia should want. The way to get them (and everyone else) to invest is to give more ways/areas in which to progress.

  • Make leveling 31-40 cost some sort of new collectable currency, so that no one starts out being able to get to level 40 on day 1.

  • The coin cost should stay at 250,000 per level, otherwise only the whaliest of whale could afford to get a team to 40. Make people go out and hunt/raid/etc. (see point 1) to earn those levels.

  • New arenas. With the advent of 31+ there should be a couple new arenas to help spread out the population, to keep those who are just hitting shores from running up against an all 31+ team. Make the currency from point #1 part of the reward for a win. This, along with the proposition to limit what level dinos can be used in specific arenas would discourage droppers and encourage people to play at the best their team can, which would leads to better matchups/arena experience for all.

  • Player levels up to 30. Don’t increase the max DNA per dart, just increase the percentage of collectable (per point #1) each level, so that someone at level 30 can level their creatures a bit faster.

No, thanks. It’s already too expensive to get a creature to 30(both coin and DNA). I think it’s better to increase player Lvl from 30.


No thanks and I don’t think it would help the game anyway, otherwise Ludia would have done it already since it would be a huge income for them… With the current power creep, there’s already no way FTP can already follow the meta quickly at lvl 30, so imagine lvl 40 now. And whales need FTP to have fun (we saw that when Ludia changed the Shores for them). If FTP stop playing because of constant power creep and higher level, Whales stop paying.


I feel it could be possible if it were like pokemon go megas where you need to fight a really powerful version of that creature to get the energy needed to level it past 30. It would be like a boss that you can do by yourself like lord lythronax and the sort

No. The problem is not the level cap. The problem is that there are only about 10 great endgame creatures, they already take ages to level and fully boost, and then as soon as you have them finished, Ludia nerfs a few of them and introduces a few new endgame creatures and you need to start the cycle over again.

The arena always feels stale because you’re fighting the same few things, although those few things change. Increasing their level won’t help with that; it’ll just make it worse because then you’ll have even more coins, DNA, and boosts sunk into them when they need to be replaced.


I agree, the problem is the lack of variety and content once you reach endgame. What the heck is there to do once you have all the dinos to 30? The only thing to do is grind battles … That’s it. That’s the only thing there is to do.

We really need higher levels

we really dont need higher creature levels yet

We need more player levels

Why? What would higher player levels accomplish? Do you think all the championship rewards and raid rewards and such should be scaled up even more for players leveled 21+?


It makes more sense than raising creature levels, but yeah I agree that it wouldn’t really change anything. They would just re-scale the rewards so that what you recieve at level 20 now you would get at level 30.

The one possible benefit is they could create a system where your level determines your max creature level. So if you’re level 20, any creatures you level beyond level 20 get set down. This would help keep low level players from using Apexes, as small a problem as that is.That also. might get weird though if you focus on a small team of dinos or are a low level, so it’s probably not a great idea.