Is it time to quit JWA

We work on a creature Ludia nerf it and leave us with wasted effort and and boosts, really Ludia?

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Phorurex was doomed to be nerfed with how OP and easy it was to get, that is why I never wasted my time on it😎


We can be happy that they just took a way Lockdown and didn’t nerfed pho too much. I think the dilpo buff was kinda unnecessary but hey more creatures getting group attacks is always nice

It’s not really about Phorurex.
They do it all the time. Release a Dino, we work hard to get. Some get it to 30, some just unlock it, some get it to 27, then boom….nerfed.
Wasted time, dollars and boosts.
Why not just have dinos that counter it and we can play about with our line up instead of nerfing everything we work hard on.
Then there’s replacing Mortem when most don’t have it to level 30 or even unlocked.
Now there’s 1x1 tournaments and a midweek tournament
All that along with daily’s, PvP and stop canisters, raids and getting the daily gold
Man I don’t get paid to play it but it feels like I should with how much time it takes.