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Is it time to remove total Immunity?

I feel it’s time to change the Meta and remove total immunity from the all creatures that have it. Not saying creatures can’t be immune to certain things, just not everything. That way every creature has some type of weakness. Change some stats as seen fit but don’t give any creature more than 2 immunity’s IMO.


The thing is,some creatures that do have total immunity are very much balanced. There hasn’t been any complaint about immunity until lydia handed out partials to everything and their mom


Look at Magnapyritor or Erlidominus for examples of relatively well balanced immune creatures


There is no need to take down full immunity


What we DO need is less partials handed out willy nilly and some immune creatures losing said passive(and it starts with a ‘g’)


I feel that we shouldn’t. If you look at the top 15 in the game, only 5 have total immunity. The best creature in the game isn’t funny immune. However, some partials should be used sparingly, like immune to DoT and stuns. Many totally immune creatures are balanced, but immunity should be reserved for certain families like the ornith and dimetrodon groups and their hybrids


Removing total Immunity? No, thank you.


They have weaknesses. These weaknesses are just not debuffs. For example, Erlidom is very vulnerable to shields and armor.
It’s only Gemini who should lose full immunity


Total immunity as it is remains fine. We just don’t need any more totally immune creatures.

I think immunity should only protect :
Swap prevention

So all immune creatures can still be:
Shield breaking
(These two used to be immunities)

But you can still add bleed immunity and maybe create new abilities like immune to shield breaking :man_shrugging:t2:

Immune creatures were originally immune to having shields broken, made creatures like ankylodon a real pain cause nothing could break the shield they set up. The current version of immunity is far more balanced than the original. The issue is that the stats for most meta relevant immune creatures are too high.

They use to be immune to nullification aswell

do not remind me, seeing an indom cloak was a scary thing.

Don’t you dare think of taking indoms immunity away

Colin said it. Leave full immunity alone and don’t add new creatures with full immunity.

I think some creatures should still keep total immunity, such as the synapsids (Dime, Seco) and ostriches, but their hybrids that are not synapsids/ostriches should not have it.
-Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Indominus, Erlidominus, Tryostronix, Ardontosaurus, can all lose total immunity and have like 2-4 partials each
-I have not included Pterovexus and Monolorhino in this list, because they will be virtually useless without full immunity, so unless they are greatly buffed in other ways to compensate, they should keep total immunity

As well, all creatures with immune to DoT should lose immune to DoT, except for the turtles. This will make bleeders more relevant if they can bleed mammoths. None of these who lose DoT immunity should be buffed to compensate, they really don’t need it

Some other partials should also be removed if they don’t make sense, but if needed those creatures should be buffed to compensate.

Here’s the problem:

Every other creature has partial immunity (or in Gemini’s case, full) so some need to lose it



Loses all immunities

Gemini: Loses full immune, but gains immune to distraction and Decel/Stun (idk I don’t have gem yet so don’t know which to keep)

Lania: Loses all immunities, but DR is know 1 cooldown

Phorus: Loses immune to swap prevention

Indo2: CS loses speed up (not immune related but don’t have a better place)

Paramoloch: Loses immune to stuns (doesn’t sound relevant but most of us here don’t see paramoloch)

Mammotherium: Loses bleed immunity

Nemys: loses immune to Decel but get 4200 hp and 1300 attack

That’s about it

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If erlidom lost its immunity it would be practically unusable, its way to fragile without it.


Gemini, maxima, and ProRat. Those 3 break the usual full immunity set. The rest are fine.