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Is it time to review bomb JWA?

I do not condone review bombing games generally, but I’m wondering how the player reviews are doing for Ludias Jurassic World: Alive across App Stores and review sites right now.

I think if they don’t remove or review and implement fair balance to stat-modifiers in the next patch I’ll only be able to give them 1 star (before 1.6 I’d have given them at least 4/5).

Thoughts? :thinking:



What would that achieve? Less players downloading the app, less money for Ludia, they will have to fire that one developer that would have otherwise fixed all the bugs!

As mentioned by @Tielenaar, that will definitely not serve the purpose. The future of games (in terms of support and how much money the production needs to invest on the game) maybe decided by store reviews. But the features of games are decided here in the forums. Instead of having so many scattered threads for people cribbing and whining, have a single thread with all the issues listed, and let everyone reply there instead.

And frankly speaking I don’t think the boosts are the actual problem, I am sure most of the people are cribbing because they wasted their boosts in leveling up something that didn’t turn out fruitful to them. Although, I know it is injustice for people who worked really hard catching dinos, but don’t you think if you had level 30 dino, and I had level 26 of the same dino, and we both use boosts on our dinos, then your dino will still be better than mine?

And give Ludia some time, they are working on fixing things. It’s easy to pick one issue and crib about it all day long, but they work hard to please everyone as a whole, which takes some time.

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Exactly this !
What a pointless exercise it would be , and the only ones to suffer would be us , the players who have already invested the time , effort and in many cases money in the game .

But on this occasion you will do it? That means you condone them because you will only do it when you feel you want to. Starting off your statement with that sentence, then threatening that you will review bomb them if they don’t change stuff in the next patch is hypocritical.

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Fixed the bugs? Really???
You give them too much credit.
Right now the entire team of one is busy addressing refund claims.


I love when people start a conversation with. “I’m not, or I don’t.” Cause it let’s me say. “Yes you are, and Yes you do.” Usually followed by the words. “Power through it.”

Well, if you absolutely believe this game deserves even 1 star right now, have at it.
I’d give it zero right now if that was a choice.

A few bad reviews won’t kill a game as quick as the developers have already done…it’s already circling the drain and likely past the event horizon.


Completely unrelated to the point I was making.

I don’t feel they deserve many stars at all right now, but as I said your response had nothing to do with what was being said.

Getting a group of people together to do a fair assessment of the game in reviews.

I believe that’s the topic. That’s what we’re talking about, until someone picked apart the OP’s message and decided to attack his morals based on HOW something was stated, rather than WHAT was stated.

I’d say those comments are off topic, not my comments.


Someone that says they generally don’t condone review bombs, but then when there is something they are unhappy with they create a topic titled “Is it time to review bomb” is hypocritical at best. They don’t condone review bombs but agree with and encourage them when they don’t like something.

That is not off topic.

You may be correct.

A better definition would be, in my opinion, called straw man.

straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument , while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man .

OP: Is it time to do this?

Forum member: You are a hypocrite.

Yep. Attacking the straw man.

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I just pictured nic cage burning up again. Best part of that movie lol.

I know right? Poor Nic Cage

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I’d say it’s more ad hominem with a touch of tu quoque.

Its an ineffective form of protest atleast on the playstore… jwa has been getting tons of 1 star reviews on the playstore since 1.7 launched.

Wont affect its overall score thougg because of the way the playstore currently views new reviews.

This is actually being changed but wont go live until August.


I’d only say it was tu quoque if it was Ludia responding. I’d pretty much call it a pure ad hominem response. In any case, those responses are rhetorically totally irrelevant.

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You’re correct with this. The fact that the ad hominems are logical fallacies in the discussion does, in fact, make them off-topic. Tangential topics, sure, but not on-topic.

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I have noticed A LOT of negative reviews all across the interweb already. While I couldn’t in good conscience give it a ‘1’ because at it’s core it’s a good game and has other fun elements. But I’m afraid that ‘2’ is the best I could do. Had they not wrecked JWA with the Boostgate Apocalypse of 1.7 I would’ve given it 5/5. But I just cannot agree with the (cheaty) new direction they’ve taken, nor can I encourage others to join in this game (anymore).

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