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Is it too much to ask for Ludia?

I still find Ludia’s over favouring of male characters very frustrating as they continue to prioritise them over the females.
Is it too much to ask Ludia for a bit of balance when it comes to updating the characters?


I have been going on about this for a long time

They did give us a run with Sage/Vitoria, Alice/Eve and the AI ladies but that’s over and now it’s back to just Bex

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It seems anymore when we beg and plead for more females we only get them as SEASONALS followed by too many more men.
Some say Ludia is trying to keep it like a “Real Dating App.” This is a game and needs to be balanced out. Lovelink is played by a decent balance of male and female players. I agree they need to balance out the characters to make it even for both and stop with the 3 counterparts

We’ll see who comes back this week

I don’t think it would be as bad as it is now if they hadn’t bitten off more than they could chew by adding and trying to update three new seasonal characters while trying to update a handful of older characters. Instead, they should have had the three seasonals and a single returning character or have fewer seasonals and more returning characters; at least that way, we’d have a consistent update schedule.

@JDR They did also give us Felicia and Susan, plus they added Elizabeth, Julia and Nina.

Nina,Elizabeth and Julia are counterparts though

I know, but I personally don’t mind if they’re not entirely original characters and only counterparts of male characters. While original characters would be better, it’s still a win in my book.

I’m worried that Skye could be a potential counterpart for Albert/Jonathan

There’s a chance that she is their counterpart, but I wouldn’t worry about it until it actually happens. Cross that bridge when we get to it, so to speak

The REALLY need to STOP with the 3 counterparts.

I partly agree with you on this one.
In the case of the AI girls, three counterparts is definitely overkill. But if it’s to add a new counterpart that’s the opposite gender to the other two counterparts, they already have, like what they did by adding Julia as a counterpart to Jamie/Seth or Nina as a counterpart to Antoine/Noah. In that case, I don’t mind, as there are some matches I wouldn’t mind seeing get a female counterpart, just as they don’t do it too often instead of writing original stories.

There’s only been two all same gender triple counterparts

Ana/Ruby/Milena and Jake/Zayn/Charlie

Hopefully they don’t keep doing it. The AI triplets, Nina/Antoine/Noah and then a male to go with Sage/Vitoria. I am done with them doing that already. Enough is enough. lol