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Is it true that using level 1 dinosaurs will weaken your opponent’s in battles?

Title says it all mostly, I read that if you take level 1 dinosaurs with you the opponents are weaker.
Is this truly the case?
If so would you bring 2 level 1 dinosaurs and a stronger one with you into a tournament?

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I don’t know about it since i haven’t tried taking such a risk
But saw others in tourneys doing this but at last they take tourney hybrids with weakest commons…just to increase the reserve points

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Btw could you tell ur park level?
I’m 58 and a non vip member

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i think the best thing you can do is make weak dinos reserve sources then defeat the other dinos

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Level 53 park atm, would you like to see my line up as well?

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I usually take one fodder Dino with high health to get to 8 points. Then defeat the team with two dinosaurs. Almost in dominator league now.

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The opponents don’t get weaker. The purpose of Fodder-main-fodder strategy is to have one extremely strong creature paired with two very weak ones in the place of three moderate league-appropriate ferocity creatures.


If you do not have three strong dinosaurs for example?

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Pvp is where your opponents are based on your average ferocity.
Tournaments have opponents average ferocity fixed for each league . They show erratic behaviour sometimes. If you bring too weak team tournaments usually respond with super strong teams.


So on tournament this would not work but on PVP it could?

Yeah , i always do fodder main fodder in pvps with any creature I’ve.
But in tournaments you need a certain level of average of ferocity to not get impossible matchups . Otherwise your average ferocity don’t change opponents.


Yeah sure
I would love to review it

Same here…i use this strategy to charge 8 points first and my success rate is almost like 95%

I can go to dominator but end up at the top of predator due to inactivity

Still working on loads of dinosaurs and hatching like a kentrosaurus and other legendaries. Scapho is being fused to level 30.
Diplotator will soon be fused to a superhybrid and then I will create multiple low level ones.
Breeding stegos as well for a monostegatops.
Also working on zhejang bird to level 40 to fuse with that other bird.
Rajasaurus needs another copy before upgrading.
Alan gas aureus needs to be fused and leveled to 40, also working on extra labyrinth saurus.

you should fuse your eudimorphodons because it will result in a strong creature and it has small cooldown

Yeah but does the ferocity spike that will occur then give me stronger opponents to fight?


This was the match I got but lost due to starting as player 2 unable to charge points and the AI conserved points instead of attacking.
Should have gone all out against the dimorphodon.

Easy win with a decent reward.
Seems to work in pvp but tournament faced me with lvl 40 legendaries, to late for snap but that apatosaurus of lvl 40 was mean!

You need to work a lot to make more powerful dinos my friend
It’s level is too low for you