Is it usual to be carnivore-heavy?

Try as i might to maintain balance, i keep having many more carnivores in my top creatures (my top 3 dinos are carnis). I’ll get the 2 lvl 40 T.Rex mission relavitely soon and i’ve already started work on a second one, with plans to finally fuse Indominus once that’s done. Is it usual to have so many carnivores? Or should i try harder to mix things up?

I think that is normal.
My top 3 are carnivores too, under my top ten are 7 carnivores. Only a lvl 40 Monostegotops, a lvl 30 Gorgosuchus and a lvl 40 Ostaposaurus disturb the total reign of carnivores.
It gets a little better between 10 and 20, where I have 5 carnivores.
In the future I am going to mix things better up, Segnesuchos lvl 30 and Metriaphodon between lvl 20 and 30 could mix up my first 10.

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Indoraptors aside, it’s possible to have a relatively balanced Jurassic lineup.


What are the stats on the Lv 20 Metriaphodon please Stan? My spider senses are tingling and I think the next Clash of the Titans might help me get that. Im desperate for better pterosaurs

My pterosaur class has a few eudimophirdons backing these two metriaphodons, with more health (4700+) but lower attack (1496).

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Yeah, I’d say it’s normal. I mean 7/14 of the top Jurassic creatures are carnivores (Well 8/15 actually but you wouldn’t see my Level 40 Suprannotitan hiding on the next line up). Spinotasuchus will probably crack into the top 15 somewhere too, so that’ll make 9/16 of the top Jurassic creatures all carnivores.

If a player feels obligated to level up dinos all the way to max, then yeah, you’ll end up with a carno-heavy lineup at the top. Simply choose not to do that and focus on a balanced squad, whatever that means to you.

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@NatoPMT - in case you missed this other topic, we’re working on a comprehensive google spreadsheet of all the game creature stats… will allow you to easily look up that kind of information yourself, you can either refer to the shared one, or make a copy of it for your own use if you want to make your own additions and/or updates.


Yeah @DinoStan sure- if players want to simply choose to make a concerted effort to limit themselves from completing the game, I suppose they could just not hatch as many carnivores. Still doesn’t change the fact that the game is indeed carnivore-heavy.

The numbers don’t lie; out of (currently) 135 Jurassic creatures, there are 46 carnivores (34%), 41 herbivores (30%), 24 pterosaurs (~18%), and 24 amphibians (~18%).

It just gets even more crowded at the top with carnivores with 9/16 being carnivores, representing 56% of the top of the Jurassics; out of four classes of creatures.

And to your credit- players could indeed limit themselves to fewer carnivores but if they just play the game normally it makes sense that they would naturally acquire more carnivores.


He wasn’t saying don’t hatch them, but that you don’t need to level every carnivore up to the max if you want to keep a more balanced lineup at the top. A lot depends as well on which ones you create 2nd and 3rds, etc. of.

I understand what you’re saying and I recognized that players can balance their Park with fewer carnivores (whether hatched or maxed out), but my point was that if you hatch one of every creature you end up with more carnivores than everything else. And if you max everything out you end up with even more carnivores at the top than everything else (Quite a bit more carnivores at the top, actually).

OP’s questions are understandable and the answer is that he or she does need to make a concerted effort to balance things out with fewer carnivores if they want to keep their events more manageable.

Yes, you’re certainly correct as well, and yes, it DOES take a concerted effort to keep things balanced for that reason.

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Yeah, I remember back when the NPCs in all of the battles were limited to Level 40 and you didn’t have to worry nearly as much about balancing your creatures like this.

Sure it was the same couple of creatures you faced every time, but the battles were innately more balanced and manageable under the old format.

You could still outstretch yourself though, so balancing your Park was still a thing. I still remember back when I hatched my first Level 40 Indominus Rex- sheeesh I though I was never going to win in PvE again. This was actually when I started realizing that maybe I should start balancing things out in my park. Good times!

It certainly doesn’t help that the carnivores tend to have high ferocities, I am dying to push my one T-Rex up to level 40, but he’d blow past everything else I have been patiently holding back on if I did that, even though I have a handful of other legendaries (all non-carnivores) at level 40 now. But being patient has definitely helped keep my daily PvE’s very manageable, but it’s hard looking at all these multiple level 10 VIPs I have and wait to level them up. Even those that I have, I’ve been holding at level 11 or 12 until I get enough of each class to move them all up at once. It’s hard to be patient when tournaments roll around, but I know that I need a LOT more to offset the much longer cooldown times anyway.


Yeah I agree, My top dinos are lvl 30 Indom, 2 Lvl 20 Monostegos, 2 Ostaposauruses, and 1 lvl 20 Gorgosuchus.

After that I have like 20 lvl 30 VIP dinos, and I use all of those for my battles first because A) low CDs and B) I have a nice big selection to choose from, like Tany vs Concavenator.

I am light on birds, but after this indom tourney I’ll get a lvl 40 Indom to get a lvl 1 indoraptor, and then get a lvl 20 Metriaphodon, and then possibly evolve all my VIP dinos to level 40 to keep them up with the ferocity of my top-tier dinos, so I can keep using them in daily battles.

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It’s funny how many players mention needing pteros, I seem to have a knack for getting them more than anything else, I actually have more VIP pteros than all other jurassics combined.

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My problem is Aquatics and Cenozoics, I get them FAR MORE than land VIPs. It’s awful, because I finally have reached the point where I’ll get a 4th Presto/Masto/Apata/Tany if I get 1 more of those dinos, but NOPE HERES AN AQUATIC DINO FROM THE 3K DINOBUX YOU SPENT FOR THE DIAMOND PRIZE WHEEL.


My problem isn’t just the VIP dinos, but that there is only 1 legendary brid hybrid, and it has awful stats. I had to get 3 of them at level 40 to keep balance in my foster. Since then, I sold 1 because I now have 3 of the VIP birds at level 30, and WOW I got a but-load of DNA from selling just 1.

Then I also have a Metriaphodon at level 10, but it would ruin the ferocity of my roster, and thus I have to keep it at level 10. Once I get the courage to get an indoraptor, that’ll be my second evolution.

LOL, funny how random chance works out, isn’t it? I would LOVE to get more cenozoics in particular and in aquatics, I mostly get the same one, the Tylo (I haven’t even bothered to hatch out all of those I have since I have nothing to match him with). I do get offers regularly in the Trade Harbor for VIPs in exchange for 11K LPs but since I still pretty much need everything I stick with the 10K packs. But it definitely is frustrating to open one and get another pterosaur that I don’t need at the moment.

When I started to play there was neither Pterodactylus nor Pterodaustro or Eudimorphodon a part of the standard 10k VIP pack. I had a lot of strong VIPs of the other classes before I got my first Pterosaur. It took quite a long time to balance this.
Right now I think that I am weakest on Herbivores.

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Yeah the herbis are the ones I’ve been mostly working on getting leveled up to balance out my lineups, doesn’t help that they are usually meat shields with really high cooldown times so ideally you would have more of them than anything else.

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