Is it usual to be carnivore-heavy?

Bae, where you’re headed is where I am right now and I intend to cap things very close to level 40 VIPs. Indoraptor 20 hasn’t thrown difficulty off, so that’s capped as well. Metriaphodons not going higher than 20, gorgosuchus, now at 20, eventually no higher than 30. All VIP 40s remain relevant.


Thanks for all the replies. I wasn’t able to be around due to university exams, but i just read the whole page. Guess i’ll make multiple non-carnis (spcially herbs and pteros) of the same species to make up for the high number of carnis in the game.
I can’t really blame the game for it’s carnivore heavy roster. Most of the star dinos are carnivores (T.Rex, Raptor, Spino, Indom and Indo) and most of the creatures i’m looking forward to having in my park (like say Indom and Yutyrannus) are also carnivores.

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Yeah I don’t plan on going past a level 10 Indo. Heck, I have had my level 30 indom as my max dino for like 2/3 years now.

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The indominus Rex is by far the nicest looking dino on the isle. The indoraptor, on the other hand, …