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Is it wise to level superhybrids past fusion level?

Since we have Apex rarity now, it seems possible that Uniques, and by extension other superhybrids might get hybrids.

@E.D? It would be really frustrating to level a Unique to level 26 or higher only for it to get a hybrid later on. Can we have any guarantee one way or the other?

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I don’t think the mods would have any information on that currently. But i am curious how the Apex rarity will play out in future updates.

Well, it was worth asking. I really don’t know what to expect. Superhybrids were added to JWTG quite a while after it was launched, back when it looked like they would be stopping at non-superhybrid hybrids.
If that game could get Superhybrids, then it seems somewhat plausible that this game could get… “hyperhybrids”.

But superhybrids are canon, while hyperhybrids are not, but then again superhybrids existed in JWA before they were canon.

But doesn’t the patch notes say that the only way to get Apex dna is by defeating the creature in a raid? This seems to imply that you can’t fuse for their Dna


The apex rarity will most likely be only for boss creatures like mortem rex.
No need to fuse anything.

They said Apexes are available only from raids so they aren’t fusable. It means they aren’t made from superhybrids, they aren’t even hybrids at all (rather mutants or something)


I don’t think we have much of an option anyway, unless you want to be playing arena with just level 25 creatures.

Currently, yes. What I want to know is if Apex hybrids will ever be a thing, because now it seems technically possible.


Apex seems to be a new rarity tier so there’s a good chance there won’t be any hybrids. Dinos get created at these levels: L1 common, L6 rare, L11 epic, L16 legendary, L21 unique. If apex is indeed a higher tier then dinos in this tier would start at L26 and unless the level cap is raised I don’t see how hybrids could be possible because you usually need to level up a dino 4 times from the creation level to use in a hybrid. So, the maximum level would have to be L35 for that to work.
(My 2 cents on the subject.)

Pretty sure he meant like uniques fusing with something else to make an apex dino.

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I didn’t get it. A Unique is levelled 4 times to get it to 25, so a hybrid of a Unique would start out at 26, like all Apexes.

Motem rex didn’t have any components, so I assume it’s safe to do that

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@Qaw Ok, but then that means that apex dinos would still have to be L30 to be usable in a hybrid cause there’s a good chance that they will be created at L26. So, how does that exactly work then?

L25 + L30 = hybrid? Kinda breaks the standard cycle.

I’m not talking about Apex creatures getting hybrids. I’m talking about future Apex creatures being hybrids.


That does seem to rule out any fuseable Apexes…

Ah, that makes more sense.
P.S. it’s 9am here and I’m still awake so my brain is a bit fried.

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I would assume at least for now.

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