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Is it worth it 29 vs 25

I currently have a level 29 erlidom on my team and I consistently don’t use him because erlidom has too many things that counter it would a level 25 monorhino or 25 tenrex nonboosted be better than the level 29 erlidom

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both would fair better than erlidom due to the meta.
Mrhino will have better use unboosted than tenontorex since tenonto is just so slow and very predictable.


My Erlidominus is lvl 30 and she’s doing just fine on my team :joy:

What arena are you at

I still use erlidom because the boost I have in it, he of course gets several that counters him but he is a Thora and mortem killer, he even can kill a 9k health maxima.
As long as you don’t start with him, he will perform me better than a 26 mono or Tenonto imo.

My erlidom is level 30 with 26 boosts and when I draw it as one of my four, I just assume I’ve already lost :laughing:

Sure, occasionally it can pull off something like this:


But that’s rare. Usually it gets one hit off and then gets sniped by a monolorhino, ceramagnus, or even a DC if my HP is low enough.

I’ve been debating replacing mine with another level 30, although I don’t have many extra boosts (about five attack and six health) to put on the replacement.


Gryosphere Depot

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In a way though that might be a good thing depending on the rest of your lineup.

In a best case scenario, your next creature destroys the swapper with barely any damage done to your creature, or at the very least leaves it practically dead.

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