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Is It Worth it To Upgrade Levels, To Get To Play These Rooms?

Wondering too. But I will open it for sure. Was staying at lvl 8 for so long

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You Must Have Gotten You Some Legendary Then? T_nh​:thinking::grin:

Yeah, a few but I don’t like 25% thingy

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Yes Definitely Agree, I Got The Legendary Ring For The Elf, But I Think I Like It When He Attacks When Moving, Instead Of Heal Everybody In The Same Row?

All cleric epic gears are awesome, I’m trying to maximize them. 400 gems for 34 epic cards, hope cleric pack will be on sale tonight

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May Luck Be On Your Side T_nh!!!

2 sevarith 10 packs :nauseated_face:

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Know That Feeling All Too Well!!!
Better Luck Next Time T_nh!:grinning: