Is it worth it


Is this Dino worth it. Any one got the stats?


Not worth it… just level up your posty

(Posti is a faster and there are a lot of Dinos in the 120-124 range so this gives it an advantage as well as 2 defense shattering strikes instead of just the one)

I’ve never seen an Tryo last Long after when one attack is “ready to crush” … it gets knocked out next round real quick and loses in a heads up battle with a postimetrodon of the same level


Yes! Yes! Yes! One of my all time favorite dinosaurs in JW:A! (Here is the info!


Once you learn how to use her she is a beast. Wait til you get one shotted by one


i love her u gotta just pick ur spots when to bring her in


She is one of my favorites. :heart_eyes:


Not worth it dont even touch it or the postimetrodon, too much work for to little reward, just get a gorgosuchus, it has the same speed more damage and is easy to make dna for, but it isn’t immune like the tryostronix.


immunity is the key.


Totally worth, mine at 21 can do a crit of 5k to stegodeus oneshoting her if correctly used, postdometrodon havent dmg and gorgosuchus have dmg but isnt inmune so you cant mever do the dmg, meanwhile triox is inmune and faster than all tanks except tragodistis(who dont have enought dmg to kill triox in 2 turns)


This one works well against a certain group of slower sauropods; however, if you stack gorgosuchus, megasuchus, or any defense shattering dinos together, then he will loss, but likely you will win the battle.


I also have mine at Level 21 and I usually never start with Tryo but bring it in when the other player’s tank/other dino has taken some damage. It does well killing that dino but most of the times gets killed by the next dino. Especially if they get in a dino with nullifying attack, both the ferocious strike/ready to crush cannot be used well.

Do you follow some specific strategy to make use of Tryo best to be able to kill multiple opponent dinos?

I usually go for Ferocious Strike > Defense Shattering Rampage (if the other dino is faster/ has high attack enough to kill me in 2 hits) and rarely able to take the risk of Ready to Crush > Ferocious Strike > Defense Shattering Rampage. Have been put down many times when people switch in their faster dinos/dinos with counter attack.


Wanted to add that my Tryo (Level 21) gets taken down by Postdi (higher speed: 124) or Gorgosuchus (same speed at same level: 120) of similar level before I can take them down.

Considering Postdi is a component of this legendary hybrid and you need 50 DNA for each fuse, I feel it might have been better if I had upgraded my Postdi to say level 24/25 instead(with the same DNA I used for fusing).


Tryo won’t work against Gorgo or posti, but it’s one of the few who can potentially take down a stegodeus in 2 shots ( Gorgo is not immu and posti is not powerful enough).