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Is it worth it?

There is this new incubator for t-rex. What do u people think?

No😂 10101010


Definitely not :scream:




Ok. Gonna ignore it

I think that we won’t be seeing trex in wild for a bit

I agree the incubator isn’t worth it IMO but i did see a Trex this morning around 4a.m.(up for work) so maybe they just let the Rex roam at ridiculous hours so most people won’t see them and temptation will rise for the incubator? Saw it with Stegosaurus and Raptors when they had incubators

Im seeing rexes mostly in the mornings too on my way too school…than nothing all day. And ive seen some lately at night ( not as a nest spawns and not under green boxes :joy:) …not complaining for getting some extra rexes, but the spawn system is a complete mess recently :roll_eyes:

Too expensive so not worth it.

I remember someone posting after opening their Rex incubator and didn’t get a single Rex dna or very little.

I don‘t think so. If that would be true, Ludia would‘ve been making false advertisement as there are 500 Rexy DNA guaranteed.

Ok. It wouldn’t be the first time Ludia has been misleading. Just saying. I tried looking for the original post but it was a while back.