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Is it wrong

That I find more fun and joy in the forums than the actual game changes? I find myself logging then closing out and coming here. Nothing to do in game these days.


Same here. I tried to battle just for fun, but then in the 5 matches the rat appeard, and remember why I don’t like battling


what do you mean, rat?

Agreed, I seem to spend more time on discord or here, both are with a great group of people.


What game? I remember we used to have things to do with dinos, but it seems so long ago.



Wait until next week!
Lots of free forum Time on Wednesday and Friday image



I’m wondering if they’ll keep changing what days are event dino free. Monday was empty last week, right?

I think last Monday was Lord Lythronax day. That turned out well lol!

Oh yeah, you’re right.

this was from the event rework post:

Lol, here- UK- the way the ‘day’ is can be confusing.
It resets at 3:15 pm…
So technically most of Monday is on tuesday! :laughing:

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Which is actually really handy for me since I’m able to hunt when travelling to work and then throughout the day when I’m at work (depending on how the SE drops are arranged). So effectively I’m hunting my dinos one day behind. If they appear on Mon - Tues, I’m actually hunting them Tues - Wed. :smile:

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It can help sometimes, but to me it’s kinda confusing. Like lord lythronax. Ludia broke April Fools Day rules; it started in the afternoon, and finished the day after.

It’s a shame that we can’t have it reset at 00:00 for us all… that’d be impossible! :laughing:

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