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Is Jonathan coming back anytime soon?

He seems to be a pretty popular character after all…

Yeah, I’m wondering that too… They keep adding new people, but maybe they should concentrate more on the people they already have?

Ugh, it’s just so unfair. Now they’re pushing through a sales promo pic featuring Jonathan and it makes me miss him even more. I just hope it means they didn’t forget him completely and he’s coming back soon…

Im scared that when he comes back it will be the end of his story. Theres more they can do with him. He could quit the military and go to college, his dad and bros could get lost at sea and he went to help…hopefully they don’t write him into a corner like they did with Antoine/Noah

I totally agree, I’d love to meet his parents for starters. But at the same time it’s pretty hard to keep this thing well balanced, like imho Antoine’s story was dragging and boring in the end. And his neverending absence was frustrating. So I’ll be sad when Jonathan’s story comes to end but I hope for a nice closure.

Totally not ready for this storyline to end!