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Is JWA ok to run on S8+ with Android Pie (9.0)?



Is JWA ok to run on S8+ with Android Pie (9.0)? I remember reading long ago about darting speed etc issues on Android 9 … are those resolved?

My S8+ is waiting to update for a long time now and I am till now just avoiding the update. So thought about asking here from community if it is ok to do do?



No one have answer to my question please?


I have an S9 with Pie, and didn’t knew that was a problem (I assume it would hit the S9 as well?) For sure, I never notice any difference myself.

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S8 (without +) user here - everything ok on android 9.

The update even fixed the bug described in this thread:

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Thanks guys, I am gonna hit upgrade button tonight then :slight_smile:


Yes sure… consider also that S8+ is more advanced device that as the example the latest Apple “flagship”, so plenty of room :wink:

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Hey NiceGuy, the game is compatible with Android 9.0, so there shouldn’t be any problems for you to update your OS.

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