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Is JWA Too Expensive Game?

I dropped VIP last month. it’s 32,99 local currency. same as my 2 screen hd Netflix plan, and twice my individual Spotify.

now, i can see today’s offer… 200 blue dna incubator for “ONLY” 84,99.

am i crazy, or this is 2 netflix months and 1 spotify, for 4 random indo2 fuses (let’s understand this is why most of us want blue dna now)???

i can buy a good steam or console game with this.

85 moneys for dna i get in 10 days of sanctuary work (other dna from that incubator are random, thanks).

can i mention prices for other offers and items in jwa store? i guess u know, but…

why… so… expensive, batman? :scream:


You don’t need VIP to be successful.


What is your local currency? I’m USD so I’m curious.

I only spend money when there’s a 20$ (US) incubator that brings hard cash with it. Hasn’t been one of those in a while.
I still have vip, but that’s going once I get my Maxima and Magna to L30.


I’ve always thought the items in the store are overpriced and never purchased any of them. You don’t have to spend money to play this game.


Short answer: “yes”


Long answer:

Individual items are too expensive, I find the amounts that they ask for it almost offensive. Then again, it’s priced after what people would pay for it. As long as there are people who think it’s normal to spend over 100 dollars for something virtual that you can also get by waiting, or “buying off impatience”, Ludia will use that.

But I stick to this very simple logic: If you can buy an insanely cool and advanced high quality game like Red Dead Redemption or something for 60 dollar, then there is no way JWA should ever exceed that. Except for maybe VIP. Which is also overpriced (i suggest $3 a month), and unnecessary for a fun gaming experience.

Conclusion: If you’re sane, I don’t have to tell you not to buy them.


BRL, Brazil.

i mentioned netflix, spotify and steam games to reference what can i do with jwa prices.

ludia should at least fix 99% bugs with so expensive game.


I’m so glad I don’t have kids that play. I’m sure the chores to earn what they would want to spend to make it “fun” would be pretty extreme!


There’s always the option of not having a payment provider set up in their phone :slight_smile: I wouldn’t even know HOW to pay for things in game.

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The truth hurts, but here it is:

The battles are basically the same at almost any level. You battle creatures similar to yours. The only difference is in your mind, your official “standing” by trophy count. Well, that and the background of the arena.

Unless you are the top player, there is someone better than you.

I have a L20 account in Aviary, and a low level account with level 12 creatures. TBH, the lower level is more interesting because there’s room to grow. The battles are just as interesting and just as difficult.


…and with more diversity than finding same tryko, erlidom, draco, thor… every battle.