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Is keratoporcus good?

I have enough dna to create it and i want to replace allosinosaurus

And it’s ability

I mean its your choice but instant charge might make it better against other creatures.

Okay thanks for advice

It seems very similar to other chompers so if it doesn’t have as much attack I would use it. you could go for tryo, entelmoth, indom. It seems to be promising with moves but Idk about stats.

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Ok i already have indom tryostronix

But I mean it’s gonna get a hybrid someday so it’s still worth investing

Was better before it lost its ability to bleed. Woulda been nice in the new 2.0 normal…


I really dont know why some creatures lost their ability to bleed in the new update. (Spyx, Keraptoporky, Monorhino, etc.) Its not like Bleeds OP


I used it before the 2.0 update it was good because it bled, I used it because it was very good against Indoraptor G2 and the Yoshi is not very useful now, so I had to get it out of the team, I have it in LVL 19.

I had to do the same @elchino03seba, and mine is level 20.
So with that, erlidom, Indoraptor gen 2, Procerat, Utasino now redundant and off my team I have to say I’m loving this update … Not!!

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