Is "Last Online" in Alliance to be trusted?

Anybody know if we can trust the Last Online in alliance? I would like to get rid of those online later than 1 month or maybe less.
Thanks in advance

If it shows as less than 1 day - don’t trust it. If it shows as longer - trust it.


I’m bad at english but I hope some of you will understand my question.

What does “3mo ago” means? 3 months? Can I trust that? It seems incorrect and I know my members pretty good and most of the members has been active very frequently but now I see a lot of “1,2,3 mo ago” ?

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Seems like once in a blue moon it will actually say anything other than “<1d ago”, at least within the Alliances tab. In my Friends tab it seems to work more frequently?

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It’s to be trusted.
I have some friends that left the game months ago and it shows the inactivity with precision.

As someone in Viatovics alliance, where activity is checked, I can assure everyone it works IN the alliance tab. Friends doesn’t seem to work.

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So… I guess 3mo means 3 month? Dumb question maybe but I’m not that good at enlgish

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I can confirm it does.

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Actually not always. Sometimes it can take a while to show the correct inactivity

I find it’s accurate if you check the alliance page before you do any battles. After you battle, everyone will show as <1 day.

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It’s mostly bugged, at least in my alliance

Exactly this.
If you want to check it out, it needs to be the first thing you do in the game.
If not, it gets bugged and shows incorrect info.

Sometimes it shows “<1d ago” on all of my alliance members, but a restart of the game fixes it 99% of the time for me.

It’s never worked correctly for me. People who I know haven’t played in months still show up as <1 day.

You have to completely relaunch for it to be correct. You can’t do battles then check.

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Ok thanks everybody for the inputs. Its just that i dont want kick any active members. We play casual so we are not on discord or anything. so activity is my only way the do some spring cleaning in the alliance. Thanks again

Well Month I Know For A Matter Of Fact Is Often Shortened To Just Mo I Think You Should Trust It

No it doesn’t work 90% of the time. I check the activity in my Alliance and it is different at least every other time I see it. It shows a person as <1 when I know they haven’t been on in weeks, another minute it shows the correct time. It is more often it will be correct if you check first thing after signing on. Let’s not even talk about the “ 1min", that is so wrong.

So here is an example of a fresh launch of the game versus that same launch but after a battle.

After battling


I have noticed the inconsistencies. I give players a 14 day turn around unless they tell me specifically that they won’t be about for whatever reason. I check every few days. I can tell the ones who aren’t playing because the time away remains consistent. Others change backwards and forwards.

It has been mentioned in other threads as well, that if you check upon opening the game but before engaging in any battles the time stamp is accurate. It’s once you interact in the game that for some reason it loses touch.