Is lev 4 on legendary equipment Max?

I am trying to upgrade my equipment but I think Lev 4 it’s the max on the legendary
So we can’t go forward then Lev 17 on characters

I don’t think it’s possible to buy your way to max character level you have to actually play the game now and level the old school way (doing dungeons) to level up. This is because you probably have all the items maxed out and can’t get anymore exp by upgrading them.

It’s the same :unamused::unamused:

What’s the same?

I am talking to equipment I thought Lev 8 is the max not lev4

Leggendary 4, epic 8, rare 12 and Common 16 is grade max?

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Yep i think it’s like that @Ghintama

Thanks for providing that information, @Ghintama. :smiley: You are correct!

Well if he wants to level passed 17 he can upgrade that epic crap for experience, just saying…

You can buy unlimited legendary cards but you gonna pay for it. You have to wait for the promotion for that and it’s $15 for 1 card. I got all my Halbernet legend cards to past level 2. I spent $120. At that point I have to get 5 of each legend and I don’t have that kind of money to blow in mid air like I already have. Lol.

I don’t want to spend until they make new updates its useless

Unless there’s a way to get legendaries that I don’t know about, it looks to me like you must have spent over $30k USD in gems to buy around 2000 glorious chests at 3000 gems each to get a level 4 legendary item.

I’m assuming a 33% chance of a legend drop from a glorious chest, 8 characters with 6 legendary items, that totals 48 legendaries in total. You need 17 copies of a legendary card to get it to level 4 (2+5+10). So to get around 15 copies coverage you need about 2000 chests opened.

That’s a lot of gems spent!

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First thanks for editing your first reply cuz it was rude by you
And second I spend more then you think I am YouTuber a girl trying to spend time on games I spend in many game don’t want to montionted it
I will stop here if you aren’t oki with that I can’t help you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

What’s your channel? It sounds like it’d be something I’d be interested in subscribing to. Your content must be great if it’s enabling you to spend $30k on a single mobile game. Do you have a Twitch channel too?

Hey everyone, let’s keep the thread on topic and not make it personal in any way.