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Is leveling Indor from a 28 to a 29 worth it?


I have plenty of velo and 2900 t rex, but also have hopes of getting erlidom this year. Not even sure if I have enough rex to do it. Thanks for input!


Erlidom is great but I’d take L29 Indo over L21 Erlidom. I don’t have Erlidom so you’d have to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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I really can’t help you with this, but I’ve been trying to get my Indoraptor from 27 to 28 for a couple of months… Been getting solid 10s and still need a 40 fuse… Just venting, please ignore me…


Hi @Kodiakhunter1, I’d say it depends a lot on your competition …
Do you see a lot of level 29 indos?

If yes, then you should go for it.
If not, send that rex dna elsewhere (to an end game Dino).

I kept my indo at 27 for months!
I leveled it from 26 in the indo event last November and it stayed there until last month when we had another indo event.
In the mean time I made Tryko and Erlidom.

My Indo held its own just fine for the most part.
Yours will still do a good bit of damage at its current level, and the times when leveling it will matter is when you’re up against another indoraptor. (These matches almost always come down to evasive stance and who’s works and whos doesn’t)

That being said, Erlidom is super easily one shotted out of the box… you’ll need a couple levels on it to be reliable in the arena… otherwise you’ll be at the mercy of its cloak.

Hope this helps


29s and 30s a lot… my tryko is a 21 needing 10 more for awhile to get to a 22. Feeling a little frustrated and was just putting a 4000 team together in my head to make this game fun again without the time and money expense.


In that case, it may be worth it to level up indo

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I think it’s definitely worth leveling indoraptor to 29! I fight a lot of 28s in the 4k range so the lvl 29 gives me an edge. I just got mine there last week.

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Just got mine to 28. Where I’m currently at (+/- 5,000) Indoraptors are typically between 25 and 28, so it helps.

I have a 21 Erlidominus who is great even at this level, but to bring her to 22 I need the golden chicken which is as rare as gold. As for Tryko, at the rate I’m getting 10’s it’ll be a long time 'till I create her.

Since T Rex is currently easy to get, I use it for immediate needs (Indominus for Indo or Erli) and otherwise stockpile it for Tryko).

All 3 are great end game dinos and worth maxing.

GL, hope you get your Erlidominus soon!

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One note about leveling my Indoraptor to 29, I waited until I for sure had enough DNA to do it before making a decision. Since I didn’t have enough Erlikosaurus to level up the Erlidominus, I went ahead and leveled my Indoraptor.


Everything @Hersh said is correct. So, no need to expound on it. Here’s my advice though. Take that little girl all the way to 30 as fast as you can and never look back. Here’s why I’m saying it. Right meow, every time you get new T-Rex dna, you have to question what are you going to do with it. Take that out of the equation quickly. The level 21’s you can make aren’t going to help you in the arenas. Once your Indo is 30, you’ll have more opportunities to win. Then, you will have accumulated enough of the other dna you need for Erlidominus and Tryko that you can focus more on them and the grind will be less stressful. Also, use your alliance to help you get there faster (requesting Raptor dna), they will all feel like they have an investment in it. I hope this helps you, have a wonderful day!



I love super troopers! :smile: Almost to a 29 and kinda wish I didn’t donate max velo on every request like I have been for a long while. On a good note I helped create many indors! I appreciate the responses!