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Is looking for the support service useful?

Hello, I lost all my coins (reset to 0) this morning. It happened twice, and this was the third time. I thought it would be a small issue but it happened two days in a row. I contacted the support service and no one answers my questions. I am wondering, is it useful to find the customer service? Or do I just have to bear it if it happens again?

Who did you contact, just to be clear?

Support often takes 5 business days to reply to a message. Every time you send a message, your place in the line gets reset, so do not reply until they do.

Hello Andy, I contacted the

I’m sorry that happened with your account, wad_ljadw. Once our team gets the chance to review your message, they’ll try and get back to you as soon as they can.

As Andy_wan_kenobi had mentioned, please refrain from updating your message until our team replies as that can reset your position in our team’s queue.


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Thank you for your response, Ned. Will do!

My coins just disappeared again.

Mine was my indo gen 2 trophee, I hope they fixe those kind of problem

Wow, I am very sorry to hear that Indominusrexgen2. Yes, I think the game should fix their code. It’s all right to have these problems, that’s fine. We just need an answer for that.

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JUST NOW I LOST THE COINS AGAIN! What’s going on? What kind of bug is this?