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Is Lord Lythronax harder since the update?

So I decided to take a peek at LL and on top of near full immunity (DoT is now 50%), they’ve also added 50% rend immunity.

I can’t help but look at it and wonder if I’ll ever stand a chance now, because part of my original strategy (which may have worked if only I didn’t need a fourth level 28) won’t work. A lot of online strategies show DC being used as a finisher, but with that rend resistance, I doubt it will work at all.

Has anyone tried it yet?

I was able to beat It with my completely unboosted team. I used only Tryko and Thyla, the others can’t do much anyway :laughing:
Tryko can survive the first turn and use fierce strike, next Thyla can just go for DP and RT for the win. It just has to dodge the DSR. Tryko is 29 and It Thyla is 28.


I took it on just before 2.0 because I was not sure if I could beat it after. Seems like the strategy that @Isaah_Wii has should work.