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Is ludia going this fix this bug?

So as everyone knows there is a bug with this weeks alliance mission where the coin collection doesnt count the total collected coins. As long as this bug is there our alliance cant progress to rank 4. So is ludia going to fix this before the end of the week?

In the other thread ludia already said theyre working on it

Also, they’re working for fixing speed indicator… for months.

How do you think, will we get any compensation for this? I guess that nope.

It just started counting about 15 minutes ago for my alliance.

Yep was coming in here to say fixed

Same here. Stinks they couldn’t reward what we have done up to this point. All those epic strike tower prizes and Treasure Chase would have allowed us to finish by now.

Now that sand dunes had their handicap removed I’m guessing they will bast off into tier 4 rewards soon.

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So its resolved now…wow it took them 1-2 days to fix it. Awesome. I’m a bit surprised why there are still so many bugs that have been there for many months and still not resolved. And this one gets fixed fast. No hate though, just very curious. Happy that we can finally work on getting to the next rank


Bug has been fixed… No point posting in this thread any more…