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Is Ludia running out of creativity?

So in update 1.12 there’s a new hybrid called
Dilophoboa and if you have seen a post on this forum “dilophoboa confirmed?”
Made by bobbymcfeen you have seen what does it look like

And this is Titanoboa from the game Ark Survival Evolved


As an Ark server admin I can confirm the similarities are incredible.

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To be fair to them, it is mostly a snake and snakes are pretty unimaginative.

All I could see would be giving it limbs, whereupon it gets compared with Rayqazza or other chinese dragons and we have the same accusations.


I guess that’s why they gave it the funny frills instead of the full-blown Dilophosaurus ones. Though would have looked better that way.
They also could have just went for a cobra frill style so it would look better and not like ARK’s Titanoboa.

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I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.


To be fair, the combination is rather intuitive, and so is the appearance of the outcome. I mean, spitting cobras are a real life thing. Dilophosaurus never got it’s venomousness glorified enough, and this was the perfect opportunity.

But they could definitely have tried to be more creative with the design. Literally everything else about it is creative and up to JWA standards.

running out of creativity or running out of dinosaurs?


I mean, they were bound to run out of creativity sooner or later so :man_shrugging:

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Maybe running out of animals from their other Jurassic World game, but theye are nowhere near running out of actual dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, reptiles and amphibians. this game has a minuscule fraction of the discovered animals in it


Likely due to dedicated staff. This game’s been out long enough that the A team was reallocated to a new in development project, the replacement B team has likely since been reallocated or minimized. I’m curious how many dedicated staff are assigned to JWA at this point.

Yeah they don’t need to be creative, just smart. There’s still a lot to explore

It’s not like they are creating a teacup Pokemon…


How dare you oppose the great sinistea?! I will DESTROY you!

for anyone who doesn’t know this is sarcasm

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In all honesty though I like sinistea. It’s cute

in my opinion Ludia should send people who work at Jurassic World ™ The game to help in Jurassic World ™ alive


Then we’d have ‘spike syndrome’ lol

Plus jwtg is infinitely more p2w than jwa. At least with jwa you can reach a decent level without paying anything(although it’s still slightly p2w)

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Imo the reason it was put with the Dilophosaurus is because it essentially makes the “ultimate snake”. A venomous constrictor. And if it didn’t have the frill there would be a lot of complaints

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graphic/art designers in my opinion are the best team in jwa.

in fact there are only 2 teams (presuming they have teams) i dont like. bug fixes (this exists?) and FINANCE team.



I’m pretty sure they do have a bug fixing team, but I believe they work on a pay to fix basis. So when they fix one bug, they create another in order to stay gainfully employed.

I don’t think it’s coincidence. With that design it somewhat resembles a Chinese Dragon so that it can be launched during lunar week. Nor is the legendary a coincidence either.