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Is Ludia support ever around?

I have tried to message but I never get a response from ludia, and I am not the only one in my clan.
Taking runes but not giving what was selected. Missing rewards and then no response when you reach out to them

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Hey Jayc, I’m sorry to hear that your rewards are missing. Please rest assured that our support team is around, they’ve been receiving more tickets than usual lately so there could be some delays.

If you had already contacted our support team either through the in-game support or through email at, our team will try to get back to you as soon as they can.

I reached out to support twice before the update, my issues were solved within about one week (took around 4 days for a first reply, bot not counted). I guess due to the update‘s massive load of bugs they are completely overwhelmed now - I had a question just before / after the update and I‘ve not gotten any response until now.

Also waiting for a week now. I guess something like a queue position or just a „Your request is still in the queue“ message would help to calm people down.

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They do send a thanks for waiting message once in a while