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Is Ludia wasting Lovelink's potential?

I’d say yes. Lovelink is a good game, and I enjoy it (when my matches actually return). The characters are likeable (apart from that one character), the stories are well written (apart from that one story), and the art is excellent. It has a lot of potential, but some of Ludia’s actions/decisions hinder Lovelink from transitioning from good to great.

Here are some of these reasons why I think that:

  • Communication is Key: When a player base has issues with a game, they’ll tell the devs, and the devs will respond, letting the player base know that they hear them and they’re working to improve the game. But that’s not the case with Ludia. It feels like everything we say falls on deaf ears with them, Remember that survey a while back; nothing much seemingly came from that.
  • Bugs Fixes: As far as I’m aware, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but some people still can’t match with Franz/Ingrid, Fei and Gabe. Also, there’s a bug that makes the wrong picture appear, and while there is a workaround for the second one, it isn’t a good look if a dev cannot fix a few minor issues that I imagine have an easy fix.
  • Missing Features: There’s probably a few, but one big one is the ability to switch counterparts. I’ve seen people on this forum and social media asking for this feature, yet radio silence.
  • Release Schedule: For the 6+ months after launch, updates were scarce, and while the amount of updates has gone up in the past few months, which in itself is a good thing, the updates situation still isn’t ideal. The inconstancy is insane, not knowing who’s coming back. Even when the same characters return from week to week, they’re continuously released on different days, adding to the confusion. Some constancy would be greatly appreciated. And a roadmap would be great too.
  • No Love for the Ladies: The size of the player base that matches solely with females maybe be a small one, but we’re still a part of the community, and if Ludia continues to overlook us in the way they’re doing now, they’re going to end up pushing us away. And while that may not seem significant in the short term, it could be in the long term. It’ll be fair for everyone if Ludia had a balanced release schedule, two guys and two ladies, simple.

But what do you think?


Sounds pretty good.

I like the idea of being able to switch counterparts. I think they should add this whole counterpart thing to the help section, as well as how you can’t match with stories that aren’t ready yet, because that gave me a lot of confusion in the beginning.

A release schedule would be so great. They should learn from the Lovestruck app in that regard - showing the daily updates for the month. Voltage USA releases one to two per day (mainly one).


The current fix for the unmatchable available characters is either getting VIP or unmatching a character instead

Those aren’t fixes, those are just workarounds

I know it’s all that has been done about the bugs

But Ludia hasn’t done anything about those bugs. If they’d fixed the bugs, a workaround wouldn’t be needed.

They don’t seem to care :man_shrugging:

It’s already well established that the male characters are more popular than the females, but recent events have made it more evident than ever.

After almost four weeks of no updates to any of the female’s storylines, Eveline/Jade returns; while it’s a step in the right direction, it’s only a tiny one.

And since some male characters have returned only a few months after leaving when some female characters haven’t returned ONCE this year, Ludia owes us A TON of female content to make up for this joke of a release “schedule”.

Or two originals haven’t returned at all