Is Ludia's slipping again?

Ludia was turning over a new leaf. For the past 3 three weeks, we had one female update a week, and while more would have been nice, after the past few months, it was nice to have some female’s updates, but there were no female updates this week. So hopefully, this is just a bump in the road for Ludia, and hopefully, they did actually learn something from the past few months, and this isn’t them slipping back into their old habits.

I think the problem is they brought back too many characters this month

All the more reason why they should increase the number of updates in a week.

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I really wish they’d bring back Aesha/Samantha, Jasmin/Kayla and others

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They need to get rid of one of the five males they’re currently updating have and replace it with a female, four males and two females. It wouldn’t be balanced, but it would be a step in the right direction.

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Since I reset I’ve only caught up on Fei, Jasmin, Felicia, Jade, Nina and Elizabeth