Is magna still worth the effort?

After the nerf, what do you think about magna? I know still a pretty good dino but I am not sure whether I should try to get him. I still need around 8k irritator and 5k dimetrodon and my team is all 22-24 uniques.
This is my team. I will replace indoraptor with dioaraja.67582491_926577097734588_1103195103398199296_n

Needs boosts once unlocked or its rat bait, like any of the speedsters unfortunately.

First time I used my Erlikospyx in it first match it got ratted from full health to insta death >.<!

But yes its worth it, I mean I don’t have it yet but its a great Thor counter! I have fought enough Magna to know its def still worth it!


My team consists of L25-L29 and my L26 Magna (5/5/6) is still on it - I like it. Just completed my Dinodex so now focussing my sanctuary efforts on Irritator especially as I maxed Dime in the recent event and there are the alliance mission rewards too.


I already have 3 chickens ( dilorach , erlidom and erlikospyx). Not sure I want another rat magnet. Maybe I should replace one of them with magna.


I‘d replace Erlikospyx. Was never a threat to me. :woman_shrugging:
Dilora has two rampages and huge damage, Erlidom is immune, fast and cloaks.
Erlikospyx is meh imo. Pretty underwhelming.


Erlikospyx is my favourite amoung them :slight_smile:


I like spyx but mine needs another level or two - with both at L25 I would rather have Diora’s bulk; a Diora/Tryko tag team can soak up a lot of damage and dish it out too. Also not convinced you can have 3 chickens on the team and I’m not benching Dilorach or Erlidom.


I still love my Magna. Still great in any team, but not essential as it was. I could be under levelled before, now it should be about team level.

Needs speed boost, so you must consider which speedsters to use.

I don’t use it as an opener anymore, unless I get my Erlidom too to oneshot any Dracocera.


My team is similar. Currently working on Dioaraja. I will replace indoraptor. 67582491_926577097734588_1103195103398199296_n

Nice - yep, that was the swap I did, L29 Indo out (and had just levelled it), L24 Diora in - sounds crazy but I do better with Diora.


Any other ideas?

I’d be surprised if Trago didn’t out perform Indo at the moment …

you could replace tenento with magna when its ready. thats a ways away though.

Yes. It’s worth it. Just know every new dino you get will just be ratted. Picture it as a “welcome to the rat fest” intro to jwa. The rat is Ludias’s salesmen it helps them sell boosts.

Ludia: “Let’s make a dino that kills everything, and spoon feed everyone with it. So that they’re forced to buy more and more boosts to keep up with it”.

Magna is a great dino and can do work on Tryko, Thor, and quite a few others easily. However after a shot by Thor or Tryko the rat is coming in so hold onto your butt lol. And buy more boosts.


Indo is boosted 5/5/4 , tragod is unboosted. I dont want to spend boosts on legendaries. Tragod was in my team before boosts and a decent dino.

get everything above 4400 hp and you wont get ratted. also, a ways away lol.

I love my tenonto. He is at 143 speed and destroys thor and many others

magna can no longer beat tryko unfortunately.


i gotcha. but at end game its just a tenento. just my thoughts. oh and legendaries are still great dinos. my team consists of tryos and monostego.

I was leveling mine up and even wasted some boosts on it but after the nerf I stopped leveling it. It’s just too frail now.